Welcome to Flossie and the Beach Cleaners

We are an ever-growing group of marine enthusiasts in Ireland and around the world who care deeply about the ocean and its marine life. If we know there is plastic on a beach, we want to clean it!

Our Mission & Work

The group raises awareness about plastic pollution and the damage it is doing to our marine life and oceans around Ireland and different parts of the world.


We present workshops in junior schools and corporate companies about plastic pollution and what we can do to change our way of life. Alongside this, we host fun regular beach cleans around Ireland – you never know what treasure you might find.

And really important to the mission – we want you to join our team!

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Environmentalism as a core subject in IRISH schools

Please help us by signing our petition. 

Richard Boyd Barrett is raising the issue in the Dáil and we want as many signatures as possible to support Richard. 

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We are so delighted to be able to have funded two boats to the amazing Bening Sanguling Foundation on the bank of the Citarum River. This is an eco school we support in Indonesia that is desperately struggling with the Coronavirus. As a result, they have very little resources to run the school or clean the river.


They needed more boats to clean the Citarum River (Plastic River) as it is yet again strangled in plastic pollution so we were delighted to help. 


We have exciting plans for next year working with the school….but for now if you feel you want to help with any funding of the school please get in touch

Beach Sea Glass

We are still cleaning our beaches during COVID-19.  We follow and comply with the HSE guidelines​.

  • Our volunteers keep a safe distance 

  • We sanitize our gloves ​in line with HSE guidelines 

  • It is a sustainable, fun and safe activity 

  • It reduces plastic in our seas 

  • Everyone can do it

We collected 1883 kg of waste from our beaches in 2020!

We are delighted to announce that we collected 1883 kg of waste in 2020. This is the equivalent of two baby whales. 

We thank all the volunteers who took part in this fantastic achievement!

The Beach Cleaners took an environmental journey to Indonesia

In July 2019, Flossie and The Beach Cleaners took an environmental journey to Indonesia and one was a part of the Citarum River in Bandung Indonesia.

The charity realised that the Citarum problem was not only about monstrous amounts of waste, but there was also a health, education and water disaster and it especially affects the children’s living conditions as they not only live by the water, they also play, bathe, and wash their clothes in the river!

During the flood season, the only transport that can be relied upon for evacuation is a boat, especially in the slum area as they have very narrow streets. 

When the rainy season has eased, the boat will be used by the local fisherman to clean the Citarum River as they can no longer  fish due to the level of poison and rubish that fills the river. They now fish for rubbish and get paid for how much rubbish they bring in, this is then sent to recycling centres close by! 

The charity is delighted to have been able to fund this boat and plan on working with Citarum Care and Equator ID going forward!

Sea Lion Yawning


For Plastic-Free Seas



We connect with people in countries around the world including Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

We connect children from different countries so that they can teach each other what can be done to clean up rubbish as well as learn about each other's cultures.

We visit a plastic river in different countries to connect with the reality of the disaster and to keep our children connected globally and clean this world of plastic reality.

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