About The Charity

What is Flossie and The Beach Cleaners?


This initiative was formed by 13-year-old Flossie. She is committed to raising awareness about plastic pollution and the damage it is doing to our marine life and oceans. She is taking that message around Ireland and beyond.

Fun, positive and meaningful climate action for kids

Looking at the issue of climate action through Flossie’s eyes, we feel it is very important for children not to feel scared or powerless. They are getting messages that can make them feel like the world is coming to an end. However, the answer lies with them, and as adults, we can empower them to take control.

As long as they are active and positive, they can make a difference to the planet and have fun at the same time. This charity is designed to empower the next generation to engage in effective, practical activities that make a real difference to our planet, both locally and globally.

How do we aim to do that?


Through unique workshops for primary school children and corporate groups, explaining plastic pollution and what we can do to change our way of life.

By connecting with countries on the other side of the world who are dealing with plastic rivers, for example, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc.

By linking children from countries where there are plastic rivers and no refuse systems with junior school children in Ireland so that they can teach each other what can be done to clean up, and what can be made out of the rubbish they find.

How will we spend the money we raise?


Training transition year students to deliver workshops on plastic pollution for primary schools. We learnt from Flossie that ‘small children like to learn from big children’.

Investing in VR headsets that will give children a ‘virtual’ visit to a plastic river in Indonesia.

Providing special ‘Flossie and The Beach Cleaner’ bins in the shape of giant crabs (one of the claws will be a bin for non-recyclable rubbish and the other claw for recyclable rubbish). These bins will be rewarded to schools with a good recycling record.

Developing a ‘Flossie and The Beach Cleaners’ school network, mapped on our website and connected with countries most effected by plastic pollution. We will develop Flossie and the Beach Cleaner products for children as rewards after the workshops.

Holding regular beach cleans and other events throughout the year to educate and entertain about plastic pollution.

Within five years we hope to send transition year students to areas where there is no refuse system and little education, to join locals help clean the rivers, plant trees and help build new houses and schools out of ecobricks. They will also have the opportunity to help re-introduce coral building in the oceans where the coral has died due to coral bleaching.

It’s an ambitious plan, but cleaning up our rivers and oceans is a big job. Our children have the passion and energy to take it on. Let’s do all we can to support them.

E&OE Registered in Ireland No: 636121

Address: 1 Sandycove Avenue East, Co Dublin, A96 C822

Directors: G Mills, J Heery, R Cairn-duff

Reg Charity Number – 20204466