About Flossie 
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Flossie is 13 and has cared about the environment since she was 9 years old. Her love for the planet but most especially the oceans and seas has come from her mother. The difference is whilst Flossie's Mum was always showing Flossie the marine life around the world, Flossie was only seeing the pollution in the oceans. She decided aged 9 to start a beach cleaning club, this escalated very quickly, she also wrote a weekly blog about plastic pollution and climate change, she then went one step further and fundraised to get the first 2 Seabins in Ireland and out of all of this a charity was born! 


Flossie feels there is so much to deal with when it comes to climate change, so she does what she can to help and that is beach cleaning and weekly climate striking. She knows there is a lot of stress surrounding climate change and the planet, so her best piece of advice is, pick one thing you care about to help with climate change and actively work to help solve it. If you do this you will not become overwhelmed and you will have fun. Flossie finds beach cleaning 'fun and zen'!


Flossie does have other hobbies: football, playing the guitar, her 2 giant cats, Netflix, singing, sea swimming, paddle boarding, watching marine videos!


About Flossie's Mum, Harriet 


Flossie's Mum is actually called 'Harriet'  - Harriet trained as an actress and has had a love of marine life since she was born. She has also had the amazing opportunity to scuba dive with many different types of marine life around the world including sharks, manta rays, turtles, octopus, and humpback whales, she would watch marine television all day if she could. When Flossie arrived in Harriet's life she naturally thought Flossie would love marine life as much as her, and Flossie does, the only small problem is Flossie gets very seasick! 


Like most children, Flossie saw what was happening to the planet before Harriet did and so alerted Harriet to all the marine life with the plastic pollution in the oceans and seas. Harriet realized once you see pollution you can't unsee it and so with the vision of Flossie a charity was born which Harriet is very proud to run with Flossie by her side always giving fresh ideas!

Flossie and Harriet