10 Going On 11

Hi everyone Flossie here and I have some exciting news tomorrow is my Birthday …YAY!!!! and I am going to be 11 tomorrow but I can not talk about that all day so lets get started !

On Friday I was invited by Newpark School for the opening of the first plastic free school in Ireland, the head of this program is the amazing Sue who is the teacher who made it all happen for the class she teaches there.  The opening was amazing and a couple of weeks before I went to the opening they had a ice cream sale for my sea bin and they presented me with the money they raised and also a metal water bottle that they had designed. They asked my mum and I to collect rubbish for them when I was walking in I saw all my rubbish I gave them and they made a whale’s tale out of rubbish and then they wrapped fishing net around the whale’s tale and when I walked in I also saw a lot of toys that they ripped open and had plastic coming out of their stomachs and the 16 year old children were both funny and interesting in the beginning they sang a song by Cold Play called: ‘we live in a beautiful world’ and we got to listen to a funny video that the drama group made.When they were finished we went to get some delicious chocolate cake and tea sadly I only got the tea because I gave up chocolate for lent!!!!

On Sunday my Mother and I went on a beach clean, we found a lot of plastic on the beach, the usual plastic bottles, no cans, some class A drugs [thats what the police called them] which we brought in to the police after the beach clean, a lot of toy balls, two sets of railings that my Mum and I pulled out of the beach with all are strength and loads more.

Out of all that plastic most of it was used to make a banner

Today was amazing because we went on an organised march around Dalkey with loads of other schools like: St. Patricks, Newpark, The Harold School for boys, St. Nicholas Montessori and Castlepark. We had the police in front of us and my Mum, Dad and I were in the lead, it was organised by a man called Dean Eaton who is the head of the environment in Dun Laoghaire council. It was really fun and they gave me an award of a swimming voucher, the only sad thing is my class could not make it. At the end RTE2 Children News interviewed me which is a bit funny because I will be seeing them tomorrow as well because they are coming to my school to ask us questions about media.


On the banner it had written ‘Plastic Free Irish Sea’ which my mother came up with when she was out on a run, I was the one who had the idea for the bottle shape, it was made entirely out of plastic. We had 19 bottles and on the the bottles we spelt out ‘plastic free Irish sea’ then with all the lids s of the bottle I made a plastic bottle and it looked great! We stuck some rope and polystyrene onto it which made it look really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week’s story is about where the sea came from and I am calling it [Where did the sea come from]

Once upon a time there lived a man called Don.  Don was a very powerful man who would say ‘Time is money!’. He had a million of the best lawyers in the world. He lived in a big house and whenever Don would get home he would say: ‘Honey, I am home’… but sadly he was single and he just said that to try to make himself feel better, but it never did. The reason he was single was because he had not met any girls he liked. He had only met boys. One day he decided to meet some girls and he did. He met a girl called Mel and they got married. He had a nice time with her but the problem was he did not think about the nagging, the taking out of the bins and the rest… so he decided to move to England because that’s where they invented divorce. After he got rid of her, he realised something else; that the person who really would understand him was another man. So he decided to go out with someone else called Bob and Bob and Don lived happily ever after. But Mel was so sad she cried so long she made the sea swell up for more plastic to float in. The end!!!!!!!!

This weeks video is about plastic it is a bit funny and sad at the same time hope you enjoy it!!!!!

I can’t believe what I have achieved at the age of 10

I have been in newspapers

I have started a weekly blog

I have had a table quiz

I have gone into adult meetings

I have negotiated with adults

I have spoken in front of 2000 people

I have gone to events

I have raised money for a Seabin

I have led a march

I have been interviewed on tv

I wonder what I will do when I am 11……

Thank you for following me when I was 10!!!

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee

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