2 Bees And A Fish

Hi everyone Flossie here I hope you all are having a FABOULOU week so far, and enjoying the last week until school starts again, any way let’s get on with the blog but it might be a bit of a short one I am not sure…. so I am just going to get on with it rrrrrriiiiigggghhhhhttttt……….. Now!

This week my friend and I went on a beach clean with the re-useable beach cleaning bags but we were not just trying to pick  up rubbish we were also skimming stones as well which was great fun.


When we were on the beach clean we found; some socks, 2 cans, a pair of pants, 2 tea towels, a tennis ball and a bit more but what we also found wich was sad, was a memorial slate. I brought it home and my Dad polished it. We put it up on Facebook  in case any one knew who it belonged to and everyone was so helpful, so my Mum and I went to the funeral home in Glasthule and we handed it in. The lady at the funeral home said that they will call the owners.


I am so excited because on Thursday I am going to Tramore with my sailing group and it is going to be so fun because we are going to learn how to surf for most of the day then we are going to the fun park which is going to be awesome as well and it means I will be able to hang out with loads of my friends that do sailing whith me!

You are probably wondering why I named this weeks blog  ‘2 Bees And A Fish’. Well a couple of weeks ago Trocaire sent me an e-mail asking if I would help spread the awareness of the Pope and how important it is if you are visitng the Pope to put your rubbish in the bin on the Sunday or even better take it home and re-cycle it, so I gave a small talk with some reporters listening.



On Friday I have a really busy day because I am going to Bull Island for a 3 hour  beach clean up with Accenture and Clean Coasts and then I am going straight to Christchurch Cathedral to be part of a talk about what I do. 

This weeks story is called ‘The Fish and the Bees’

Once upon a time their lived two bees and they were sisters one was called Bun and the other one was called Steiffi, one day Steiffi the bee was getting ready to play a trick on her sister Bun. She left loads of honey on a flower so Bun would get stuck and sticky! but instead their father got stuck in the honey when he was going to work and he was sick and tired of getting in the middle of their fights… so he kicked them out of the house, I mean they have been alive for 40 days so that would make them around 20 years old. They left the hive and first thing they were out they flew to a flower but then a storm blew them to the sea. Luckily for them they landed on a plastic bottle so that was one problem solved now all they needed to do was dry their wings find their way home and find someone to give them directions. Then they saw a rock with loads of fishing net on it and a fish tangled up in it that was screaming ‘Help help, I can hardly breath please help me’ The first thing Steiffi said was ‘ Great lunch, I am starving’ then Bun pushed Steiffi onto the ground and asked the fish what happened and the fish said he saw a shiny hook so he swam up to it and next thing he knew he was tangled up in some rope. So Bun and Steiffi helped the fish get free, the fish said his name was Donner the 3rd. Bun told him that she liked that name and Steiffi said its to long and boring I will just call you Don, so Don helped Steiffi and Bun get back home to their home. The End

This week I have two videoes, one of some stupid stupid, stupid people  


and one of a great women in Peru who is makng bags and blankets out of plastic bottles for children who can get very cold which is cool.

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeee

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