2 Minute Beach Clean Challenge…

Hi everyone, I have had a very funny Valentine’s day because just after I wrote my blog I went to the beach and found a red rose!! but do not worry I will tell you my two possible reasons on how it got here just like I did with  the bouquet of wedding flowers. Now lets get started.

This week  I have tried out the 2 minute beach cleans where we have to do a beach clean in two minutes and then see what we can find!!!! wait a minute why am I telling you I made a video of me doing it today I hope you enjoy this video.

Tomorrow the Daily Mail are coming to interview me when I am on the new beach that we are going to take forever to clean. So I am quite excited! I will let you all know next week how that goes.

Now who would like to hear my to story on how the rose washed up on the beach? We will start off with the realistic story and then the the very unrealistic story…. ok here we go.

Once upon a time there was a really sad woman who had a nice life but not a very nice husband. Sure he was handsome, brave, smart and kind but he did not believe in Valentine’s day and never gave her anything or acted differently until one day she said to her mother [who never approved of this marriage] ‘I think I am going to get a divorce…. just kidding I know I am going to get a divorce’, So when she was with him walking on the beach she got ready to tell him the [happy for her, but sad for him] news  and just at that moment he said.. ‘honey I am sorry I do not celebrate Valentine’s day, it just is not my thing but if it is your thing I suppose I could work with it’  she was so shocked she said…..’NOOOOOOOOO!!!!’  he said ‘why??’

‘Because I already have a new boyfriend who I met when I jumped out of a building so that I could catch other handsome men’s attention, but instead I was saved by “Superman” and now we are dating’


The husband lay down on the beach with his rose that he wanted to give to her and dropped it on the beach.


With out him knowing toxic waste that someone left on the beach went into his body and then he felt a change and next thing he knew he had super powers and was able to get revenge on Superman for stealing his wife.

He went after Superman and they were fighting for 2 days straight, then Superman destroyed all the buildings in there country. Sadly the police came and had to shut down the big fight but since the police liked Superman more they brought the husband to prison were he learnt his lesson…. MEAN WHILE AT SUPERMAN’S HOME

Superman went in to find his girlfriend packing her bags because she found another man called …… Spider Man.


The end

My next story which is really unrealistic !

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who loved to celebrate Valentine’s day and the man gave the woman loads of flowers and she dropped one on the beach [but hey that probably did not happen]!!!

This weeks video is one of the saddest videos ever I hope it teaches you why not to put plastic in the sea 

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

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