2018 = Seabin!!!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a great Christmas but it is time to get back on the beach so lets get started 

I do not have loads and loads to talk about but I have a bit like my Mummy and I went to the beach and found a graffiti spray can bottle exploded on the rocks so when the tide came in it washed the rocks in and out so many times it has not only been polluting the sea it has also killed fish and sea life but it also stuck a lot of rocks together and made them purple. It is really bad so next time you would like to do graffiti  please think about what it could do to the environment and also it does not look pretty and you could go to jail!

During the Christmas break I went on a couple of walks and I did not see much rubbish which was good. Yesterday I was walking along the beach with my friend and it was very clean all we found was a bottle two pieces of polystyrene and I think that was about it.

My beach clean this Saturday is at 12pm and I have a feeling that we might find a good amount of rubbish because there has been a lot of wind lately so that will be fun and then some of you who still has not walked off there turkey can walk it off at my beach clean 

Our story  today is about the wind and where it has been coming from, well it has been coming  from a distant land beyond the sea called ‘Air Vainea’ now let me tell you what has happened. Well in ‘Air Vainea’ there are two men called Wind and Air they used to be close friends until one day Wind decided he wanted to work for Thunder and Air wanted to work for Lightning so they fell out and started to fight but then by accident they set off the full wind switch!!! So now Wind and Air are working hard to turn it off but they were still fighting until Air said to Wind:  ‘I am sorry I wanted to work for Lightening‘ and Wind said: ‘I’m sorry I wanted to work for Thunder . Now they are friends again and everyone’s hoping they will turn off the wind switch!!

This weeks video is a very funny lady who is teaching you all about what goes into our bodies and don’t worry this is not something disgusting, I’m sure you will love it!

So now you have seen the video, will you buy a re-usable bottle and only drink tap water???? I do, and it is delicious!!!

I hope you all liked this weeks blog and I will see you on the next beach clean remember it is at 12pm on Saturday 6th


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