Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you all are having a good week but before I get any further I just want to say sorry for not writing last week it was crazy, I was going to write it on Wednesday but I had too much homework then on Tuesday I had to do an article plus homework so I had no time then I had to do it again on Friday but I still had time but then my rabbit died !!!!! I was SO sad that I couldn’t write anything. So I will just write about everything this week!

Last Saturday I had 2 different families helping me on a beach clean and they had 5 kids so we had a lot of great helpers! on the beach clean we found some awesome things for example: a sharp end of a knife,



I do not like this picture because if you look into my eyes you will se….. Nothing because my eyes are closed 

On Wednesday my Mum and I got sent an email from this lovely french woman who wanted me to answer some questions about what I do. So I chose to do it on the beach and well let’s just say it took me two days to do it but it was all worth it when we sent them off to her and she made it into an ok video………………………………… I AM JUST KIDDING THE VIDEO SHE MADE WAS SO SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is in french but it is still cool. Here it is in case you would like to take a look at it. It is for a magazine on line called Konbini!

My friend and I are so happy because for weeks now we have been wondering what we are dressing up as for halloween but we have finally decided….. Oh sorry I cannot tell you what it is until halloween so until then it is a big secret so sssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do not tell anyone!!!!!!!

Also today I got an amazing e-mail from a french journalist who is preparing a full length documentary focused on activist children around the world and they want me to be in it!! It will be released in cinemas in France and then released around the world…. it is so amazing and I am so, so excited yyyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

On Friday my poor rabbit Roxy died and now everyone in the house is really heart-broken even my cat is suffering with depression. She was amazing and she will always bring a tear to our eyes but a smile to our face to know she is very happy where ever she is.

photo 1


This weeks story is called ‘Brake It Down’ well let’s get started

Once upon a time their lived a man called Windeling. Windeling lived in a beautiful white house made entirely out of this


Every day with out him knowing a bit of his house would blow off into the sea. Windeling hated marine life and colour he thought that everything should be as white as his house, the poor man did not have a wife or a girlfriend because whenever he talked to a girl she seemed to just run far away because they would realise how much he hated this beautiful world we live in.

One day when he was coming home he realised that half of his house had blown away so he was really sad, like sadder then usual. [and he is pretty sad about every girl who meets him runs away from him because he hates colour and marine life] He walked around the town sad as a sad broken man but then he heard a lot of commotion down at the beach so he ran down to see what was going on………  It was the sea, it was covered in all the horrible things his house was made of then he realised that the sea was covered with it and it was pretty much white and he could not see any marine life so his wish finally came true and he was now the happiest man in town which was a first and soon to be a last.

After two weeks of the sea being white he started to notice that everyone around him was sad so then he looked in his heart and said ……………………………  ‘ I should probably help them, but on the other hand I could just celebrate that they are sad and it is not my problem’ 2 MINUTES LATER ‘I need to help these stupid people’ so he helped them to get rid of all the things in the sea and then all of a sudden everyone was happy again. He then started to build his next house but this time he made it out of straw sadly that did not work because when the wind huffed and puffed it blew the house down, then he built his house out of bricks but he did not like it so he just made it out of very solid paper, but at least the sea was safe!!!

The End

This video is awesome this is toothpaste

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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