A Fresh Start

Hi everyone Flossie here and on Wednesday I started at a new school called St Patrick’s which is a school in Dalkey. I hope you are all enjoying your week so far and I am so sorry  that I did not write my blog on Wednesday but I was busy. Anyway we have a lot to talk about so let’s get into it right now in 3 2 1 0 .

A couple of days ago I was speaking in Christ Church Cathedral in front of loads of people!


I am really excited because on Saturday I am having 4 of my friends over and we are camping in the garden and we are also going to be eating burgers and sausages which are my favourite!

This week I was at the Dalkey Lobster Festival where there was a group of ladies who have been making Dalkey plastic free, anyway they had their own stand where they were showing loads of cool things for example : toothbrushes made out of wood,  reusable coffee cups, Flossie and the beach cleaners reuseable vegetable bags, reusable bags and swings made out of fishing rig and they were also selling edible straws  so when you have finished drinking with a straw you can eat it which is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! You can also choose flavours so I chose lemon and lime which was delicious.

On Friday I had a really ,really, really busy day and the reason I said really 3 times is  because I did 3 big activities that day, to start it off I did a beach clean with Brown Thomas for their  corporate volunteer day


You know earlier on when I was talking about the Dalkey Lobster Festival well I havn’t finished talking about it just yet! Thanks to my Mum she got some politicians down to Dalkey so they could see all the hard work the ladies have done to make Dlakey plastic free, like: Councillor Cormac Devilin and Ossian Smith who is the Mayor, Ossian made a really nice speach about me and then he invited me up on stage to make a speech which was so, so cool, and then I was given a flower made out of porcelain which was really lovely from a very kind lady who had her own stand.


This weeks story is called ‘The Water Magnet’ well let’s get started.

Once upon a time their was a young boy named Jimmy, Jimmy was a sweet young boy his mother made magnets and his father worked in a nuclear power plant. One day when Jimmy was only a young boy he swallowed 15 magnets and then drank a lot of water. The next day he went to visit his Dad at work but his Dad forgot to give Jimmy some water. Jimmy was so thirsty that he actually drank some nuclear chemicals instead because he thought it was lemonade [but really who can blame him you would do any thing when you are really thirsty]. Jimmy woke up the next day in hospital his mother was hugging him while his father was holding up a balloon which he boughtt in the shop which said ‘I am sorry I let you drink nuclear chemicals love you my sweet little girl’ calling him a little girl was the only problem with it but hey nobody’s perfect not even a balloon that you can buy in a shop.

The next day he was better so he went to the beach and then all the water followed him around which was crazy creepy because the water was following him like he was Moana.


The End

This weeks video is about shampoo that melts

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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