A Giant Snowball

Hi everyone Flossie here I hope you all had a great great Easter holidays I sure did I got to spend it wth my family in England I hope you all got soooo much chocolate and that you all had a great time with each other and that you are ready to read my blog again because I have some exciting news to tell you so lets get started.

Some of you might be wondering how my disco went on Saturday, well I have the money for the sea bins and they are on their way now, in fact I think they will be here in 2 weeks!!

Back to the disco! The day before the disco my Mum and I went out to collect some rubbish to decorate the hall that the the disco was happening in, we found ; a giant thing of polystyrene [which was the biggest peace I have ever seen ] and a no trespassing sign, a lobster pot, rope, some bottles and loads more.We put them by the windows so people could tell that this disco had something to do with rubbish in case they did not already know! 


It was a fancy dress sea themed disco so I had to choose a winner on who had the best fancy dress and the winner was my friend who used a ;football net and rubbish from her house and her normal clothes her name is Aoife and she had the best costume 



I was handing people drinks and snacks because all the shops were so kind and they donated so much. We tried to make everything plastic free which was very hard but we did very well. Not as many people showed up as I thought so I want to donate some of the leftovers to the children’s home in Dun Laoghaire but I do not know were it is so I was wondering if anyone can give me and my Mum some directions.


In the beginning of the disco I decided to dance.


On Saturday I also had my beach clean where we found: a toy car, sun glasses, bottles and massive pieces of plastic, the beach was surprisingly clean which is great and we had a lot of kids who came. So thank you: Charlie, Shauna, Hugo, Sam, Ruari, Aoife and Robyn!


I think you all deserve to know about ‘The Wedding Bells Are Ringing’ [Part Two] 

Can any of you remember my friend Robyn who married a fish called Jeremy? [she is  actually in that picture next to me] well she lost that fish and we found him again and we made sure that she was still married to him by using an ancient tradition were I chase Robyn around with Jeremy and then she kisses him as you can see in the next picture!!!!!!!!!!


This weeks story is about the nappy I am calling it: ‘The Nappy;

Once Upon a time there was a wale called Gloria, Gloria was a mother whale, she had one calf who was one year old! Gloria went out one day looking for some food but instead she found some rope that was attached to her tale, later on she washed up on the beach where a human cut her free! but when she was on that beach she saw some interesting new things and she did not know what they were ‘it was rubbish’ so she brought some home for her calf! She brought: sun glasses, a ball and a nappy . She brought them back to her for her calf who became quite fond of rubbish. One day Gloria brought home a plastic bag because she thought it was a jelly fish, She ate it and became very sick quite soon after, so she went to the whale doctor who explained to her that, that was plastic and not a jelly fish. So Gloria and her calf stopped eating the rubbish now they knew how sick it could make them and threw all the nappy’s  and other rubbish back onto the beach for beach cleaners to clean up and Gloria and her calf lived happily ever after.

The End 

This weeks video is really cool to help us know how to re-cycle some types of plastic we find on the beach (except for the glitter they use in it) my god mother sent it to me hope you enjoy it, I can’t wait to try some of the ideas out!

It was a really cool video wasn’t it? and now you can probably use some of the ideas yourself. 

This is a really cool chart 

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