Hi everyone Flossie here and I am going to start  off by saying…… What a week it  has been! It was sooooo crazy!!! but I will start off by talking about something I really, really enjoyed which is ….drum roll please …… Accenture!!!

Just yesterday I was talking in front of 1700 people for Accenture at The National Convention Centre which is in a really cool building. My family and I got picked up in a really amazing car and the entire way there I was playing with the seats because they moved up and down and gave a massage on your back. 


I got to speak with two amazing little girls called Ruby and Zara who were recognised at a young age for coding, Ruby made a robot and Zara made a house that lights up.


I was practicing  my answers during the weekend and all that hard work finally paid off! it was really fun and I met some amazing people and I got to wear an ear piece so I felt like a spy!


I had to rehearse it the day before and when I was waiting my Mum and I went up to the very top of the seats and I almost had a heart attack when I sat down because I was so high up up and it looked like I was going to fall down.

On the day of the performance I had to wake up at 6 oclock in the morning and then I had to get my outfit on which I loved, my family and I got into the cool car and when we arrived we had a really nice woman who brought us upstairs where I got breakfast and saw Zara and Ruby then I had to have my ear piece attached to my ear which was a microphone


after that I was taken to hair and makeup to get hair spray in my hair and I hate to say it but also in my mouth!!

Then I was brought to my seat where I waited to be asked to go on stage. When I was waiting I was watching the other grown women on stage until I was asked to go on stage.

So I had to go into a secret room that led onto the stage were I talked with the other girls and I made the audience laugh more then once!


When I came off the stage the girls went back home and I had to stay back stage because I had to give a lady who is a famous conductor some very heavy flowers.


After the performance I had to go to a special table that was only for me where people came to ask me questions, some of them were school kids wanting a picture with me and one woman asked if I would talk in front of a lot of surfers at another convention which is really cool!!

As a thank you Accenture gave me a book and a voucher for the cinema so Peter Rabbit here I come!!

 When it was all over my Father had to go to work so my Mum and I went to our favourite restaurant called the ‘Fish Shack’


and then we came home and we fell asleep on the sofa!!!!

Wow that was a lot to tell you!!

During the snow week the waves were crazy so I went on two beach cleans  the first one I did with my neighbour Eve. We found: octopus, fish, giant mussels, a sign, a lot of star fish, a live lobster, a lot of dead crabs, lobster pot, wheel, loads of plastic bottles, a cool torch, a plastic milk bottle, shoe, load of polystyrene, tops of cans and a rope.



On my second beach clean I did it with my Mum’s friend Nikki Walsh and her daughter Evie and her friend came too. We found: more octopus,massive lobsters, star fish, live crabs [but mostly dead ], a giant fish [with a small fish in  its mouth], a bra, some heart shaped glasses, a lot of clothes and loads more. 

During the snow I built a Harry Potter snow man and he was so cool.


This weeks video is so funny, my mothers god mother sent it to me, it’s got a good message with a great chance of making you laugh…

Didn’t that make a change from my usual videos?!!!

I hope you like this weeks blog, I had so much to say I didn’t have time to tell a story.

See you next week Byeeeeeeeee

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