Cherub Balloon….

Hi everyone Flossie  here and I have a good amount to talk about. Now lets get on with it! 

Some of you have been asking how my meeting with Tim Ryan went, well it went great, really AMAZING even and Tim Ryan was so nice to me and his colleague and he made an agreement that I am aloud to put the Sea Bin in the West Pier. Which is great and he said if we can not get electricity in that corner we will use solar panels instead which is really cool because I have always wanted to work with solar panels because it dose not cause any harm to the environment which is just what we want. When I went to the meeting with Tim Ryan he had a bowel of sweets and a bowel of crisps ready for me which was really nice he was just such a lovely man and I would love to have another meeting with him one day.

As you all know during the weekend I had a beach clean with the 41st Dalkey Beaver Sea Scouts and they were all really helpful and they found a lot of rubbish and then after that they all got hot chocolate and biscuits so me and 2 of other friends  got on are knee’s so we could get what the beavers were getting!!

We found tops of cans, bottoms of cans, bottles, bits of boats, a heart shaped Valentines balloon, 2nd prize ribbon, a chain that rusted away into a rock, a big mayonnaise pot, fish teeth, silicone spray [to fix boats] a lot of the things we found were mostly used by fisher men from my mother and my point of view as you will see in the photos, but at least I am not finding cat food packets anymore, so good job fishermen!

Not  many of you know how long it takes for rubbish to disintegrate into the sea so I will show you a chart of how long it takes because I have a chart in my room but I think you might want to see it for yourself, so here it is.


Some of you might have heard of this before but I have only heard about it today so I will explain it to the people who do not know about it it is called Plogging where people run and whilst they are running they pick up rubbish it is good for the environment and it gives you a bit of a challenge when you are running so maybe you could try that.

This weeks story is about a balloon so here we go.

Once upon a time there lived a balloon called Cherry, Cherry was a very sad balloon after her owner left her so she went back home to balloon world where everyone was happy and no balloon was sad. When Cherry came to town everyone tried to make her happy because after her heart had been broken by her owner she turned black so know one really knew what she looked like inside. Until one day another balloon came over to talk to her and said: ‘Look I am sorry that your owner left you, but come on things happen… deal with it’ and with those words she turned into a pink heart shaped balloon. And then she travelled  across the sea and amazingly she saw her owner on the beach so then just at that moment …. she crashed into a rock and was found a couple of days later on the beach …the end!!!!

Todays video is about an amazing guy who saves turtles whilst clearing the rubbish and freeing the baby turtles from rubbish I think you will find it very cute and he is so cool!

I hope you liked this video thank you for reading my blog this week bbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! 

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