Christmas is Floating

Hi everyone Flossie here and I have a good amount of things to tell you like: 

I was asked to review a book called ‘Duffy the Sea Turtle’ it was a good book it was a sweet book about a turtle who almost dies when he eats too much plastic floating in the sea and I would really recommend it for tiny kids because it teaches kids not to litter and if you do what could happen, but don’t worry it does have a happy ending!

So if you want to get this book you just click on this link and you can order the book and read about the author.

I have a question for you all when you are getting rid of your Christmas where do you normally put it? Well I will tell you where one person put it… in the sea!! my mother saw it floating in the sea. I sadly was at school, in a way it is quite funny but it is really bad for the environment so please next time you are getting rid of a Christmas tree please don’t put it in the sea maybe chop it up and use it for the fire, it really crackles or you can take it to a place that takes sad old Christmas trees

On Saturday most of you know I was doing a very wet and windy beach clean with my friends and a very nice teacher Sue came from a school with her kids and her husband David. David and Sue and their kids were very nice to come and help and the school Sue works in is the first school in Ireland to give up plastic !!!!!! That is cool right I was asking her how the school is doing it and she said: ‘That all you need to do is stop bringing water bottles that are going to be put in the bin after using them… so, buy a real water bottle so you can use it again and again if it breaks THEN you can throw it in the bin. Stop wrapping your sandwiches with plastic just put it in your lunch box wrapped in kitchen roll’ [and for teachers use a black board instead of a white board, chalk is better than plastic pens ] and loads more but what I am really saying is, isn’t that cool?

When we all went on a beach clean we did not find a lot because it was so windy and waves were crashing everywhere but we did find: a pen, some bottles, some cans, some rotten material and some copper wires that had to be dug out of the sand! it was not one of the best beach cleans but it was still pretty fun with the crazy waves that we were running into on the strand!!!

You will never believe  who e-mailed me… it was a German TV show called Sat 1 and they are coming over to interview me in April so that is VERY exiting.

Todays video is showing  something  that we have to get in Ireland. In Norway, they have a system that means every time you buy a drink in a plastic bottle you are able to take your empty plastic bottle and get some money back and the bottle is re-cycled, which means you can buy some sweets and the bottle doesn’t end up in the ocean in a whales stomach. My Uncle sent this to me, so thank you Aunty Joe!!!

I hope you liked that video I sure know I did!

This week I have been getting some really kind donations from all around the world like: Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand  and loads more. I have never been to Hawaii but I have heard there are some amazing fish and I really want to go as I heard there is the biggest marine conservation in place there and if I go I would do a beach clean!

Next week I will be writing about the school in Krabi in Thailand!! 

have a small game I would like to play were I ask a question and the first person to type in the right question wins. Ready for the question… well here we go…What am I raising money for? if I Email you, you win so good luck!!! 

Thank you for reading my blog so far this year hope I can see you on one of my beach cleans Bbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee 

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