Jakarta, we love it!

During our first couple days we’ve experienced what is the amazing hustle and bustle of Jakarta! There are 6 million people squashed into this city which is incredible! The amount of rubbish and plastic on the streets and floating in the different rivers is so sad to see and hard to comprehend when there are so many organisations working to educate about re-cycling.

Flossie chats to children and their dad on the streets of Jakarta
Flossie chats to children and their dad on the streets of Jakarta

There are three types of re-cycling bins around the city but sadly due to lack of awareness about re-cycling they are not used. Apparently they were brought in by the last governor of Jakarta but he was pushed out before he could get the people to understand their responsibility to correctly discard rubbish.

Getting about

To get anywhere takes forever because of the extreme traffic which again means there is a constant heavy smog in the city…it takes you 30 minutes to drive 2km, unless it is early morning or late at night. And due to very poor air quality, many of the locals wear masks if they are on foot or on scooters.

The food is DELICIOUS and the Indonesians are so incredibly friendly and kind. We were very lucky to be able to go for a wander on our 1st day, and found this little village on the river as you can see in the pictures. It was incredible to see how people there were literally living in amongst the rubbish and dirt.

Just after we finish filming on this quite dangerous concrete bridge, a woman threw her black bin liner of rubbish into the river…it was like watching a video but we were in it!! But then we had to remind ourselves they have no other way of disposing of their rubbish as there is no refuse system!

On every picture you see, the people are surrounded by plastic – even the cat was sleeping in a plastic bag and the kids were playing in it….

Every little shop to bicycle shop sell plastic sachets; these could contain anything from tea, coffee, sugar, sweets, shampoo, washing powder …everything comes in a plastic sachet! It’s the only way locals can afford to shop.

Rivers of plastic

One of the rivers we saw had quite a bit of rubbish building up but what was more distressing was the amount of fish you could see eating the plastic.  Our eyes were drawn to a man fishing in the river for his supper…We also heard that people who fish in these rivers become ill quite quickly and many contract cancer.

The children are so beautiful and we want to spend more time with them;  it’s just so sad that they live in these conditions and have never been educated on re-cycling or even more importantly on the danger they are in by playing, swimming and eating food from the river.

One thing that is absolutely sure about this country is that they LOVE plastic!!!

The next part of our adventure takes us to Bandung and to the Citarum River….

Any questions feel free to send a message through the website…see you in a few days with update from Bandung !!!

Flossie describes the scene and shows a fish nibbling on some plastic…so sad to see.

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