Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having a great week so far,! I have some bad news about my foot it is going to have to be cut off! just kidding but I have damaged my ligaments whilst doing some really fun ariel yoga , now I am on crutches but it is not to serious so I should be off them by next week! Anyway  lets get on with this weeks blog!

On Friday my friend Lucille and I [with a bit of our Mums help] organised a strike outside Dun Laogaire county council buildings and it was so much fun!!! For the past week we have been making videoes and putting them out on social media, we have tried to make them entertaining for example we did one to represent one of the scenes in the movie ‘Love Actually’!

Making the videoes have been really fun,

and the day before the strike whilst Lucille an I were doing ariel yoga my Mum got a call from a man who is donating trees for everyone who strikes in Ireland [isn’t he an incredible guy!] On the day of the strike we were both very excited, when we got down there Lucille made a poster station in case people forgot to make posters they could make them there [It was a really good idea]!

Loads of kids came to the stike I mean more then adults which made me very happy!


Then Lucille and I made a speech thanking everyone for coming it was loads of fun!

On this weeks beach clean I coudn’t do much except for sit on a boring wall and watch my Mum do all the hard work, but she found loads I was a bit jealous because she found all the cool things that a beach cleaner could only dream of finding like: A football that still works so I brought it home,


A huge plank of wood, an exploded spray can that was just left in the sea, another shopping trolly! and loads more! Thank you  for picking up all this rubbish I am sorry I coudn’t have been more help!


This weeks story is called ‘The Fish Who Needed A New Tooth’

Once upon a time deep down under the sea there lived a shark called Tom but the world would know him as Metal Tooth! Why? well you are about to find out………. Tom was always a simple fish until one day when he found a really hard rock, this rock was so heavy that no one could lift it! So they got an under water crane to lift it out and get it out of the way so the elderly fish could swim by that part of the sea easily! but the under water crane dropped the rock on top of Tom!!! normally with an accident like this other sharks would have died but Tom didn’t instead something extrordinary happend, he bit right through the rock and didn’t even feel any pain!

A couple of days later he joined an amazing  travelling under water circus , and ever since that day no one could remeber Tom but they all remebered Metal Tooth! One day when the circus was on tour in the Pacific Ocean Tom swam out onto the stage and got ready to bite a weird thing that was found in some rocks in the sea which had SHOPPING TROLLY written on it, he got ready to bite it and do his incredible act! But first thing he bit down on it he felt what started as a sort of vibration but quikly turned into a feeling that felt like death! He started to scream and was immediately brought to a doctor. Tom or Metal Tooth was in terrible pain and was screaming!


Then the doctor said: 

You have got to be kidding me this shark dosen’t need me he needs one of those other guys the ‘dentist’! By the way me telling you that will be a extra four hunded fish pounds

Then Tom started to scream even louder [I think we all know why!]


So he went to the dentist . The dentest explained to him that biting all these things has broken his tooth! Now that he looked at his tooth in the mirror he noticed the huge crack going down his tooth. Tom for the first time in years was a bit nervous about what the dentist was going to say next but he got over it and asked in a voice that sounded odd like he no longer had a tongue 

I don’t understand…

Then the dentist explained they where going to have to pull the tooth out!! Tom was petrified 

You say what now???

Said Tom! Then the dentist said:

No you heard me correcly, now would you like me to use a hammer or pliers?

Then Tom said:  what will you replace it with?

Well you see we have found an incredible little thing that will be a perfect replacement for your tooth, they are called Plastic forks!!!

Tom said:

I don’t know what that is! Anyway tell me and be honest with me, will I ever bite a rock again

Then the dentist gave a worm and hopeful smile and said 

NO! And if you even try again you would be a idiot!

Tom looked shocked and said:

You are supposed to say something hopeful…

After a long long time of arguing they got on with the surgery! And from that day forth Tom has been known as ………………………………………………….. That Weird Shark With A Fork For A Tooth! 

The End

This week’s video is quiet funny and a bit creepy its about a  hermit crab and his new home !!!!

My Mum showed me this it is so cool and really nice and most inportantly it is true. I mean I know we all want to be saving turtles directly but  when we are on a beach clean we are still saving turtles and other marine life, we just don’t always know it!


Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!