Father Christmas Went For A Swim

Hello everyone 

I have so much to tell you today but I am very sad because today is our last beach cleaning talk  before Christmas. I’m so excited to tell you one thing  but you will only find out what it is at the end. Now let’s move on to our first subject which is called: Micro Plastic .

Most of you know what micro plastic is but some of you don’t so that is why it is my job to tell you what it is  because it is one of the worst things to put  in the sea and it is almost in every thing like it is the bottom of lollypops and ear cleaners  have micro plastic in it.  Here is something funny well not funny but well you know what I mean remember that picture I showed you of a sea horse holding an ear cleaner well that is micro plastic and that is what I’m talking about [I can’t remember what ear cleaners are called!]. Micro plastic is in  so much more then that but it is mostly what it can do in the sea like it can be so so small that fish eat it. When I showed you a video of the plastic whale, if you look very closely you can see some micro plastic and if you don’t know how the whale ate the micro plastic, well there are 2 reasons. Reason one [someone was fishing and the man who was fishing hit his head on the boat  and then he became very stupid and found a bucket of micro plastic that he was taking out of the sea and he used it as bait but then a fish bit it off and died and when the fish was falling to it’s death a whale caught it and ate the fish!!!!] or the micro plastic was in the water and a whale ate it because he can’t see micro-plastic, he just opens his mouth and it goes in. So you are all probably thinking I can make a difference by picking it up but I can’t because it is so, so small normally I can’t see it but even when I can it has been in the sea for a such long time it has broken up into a million pieces so I can never  find it all but you can help me by picking it up when you see it and also continue help me raise money for a sea bin…. or even better, now I know you don’t do this but tell people to stop flushing their ear cleaners down the loo and don’t put micro plastic in the sea now I am going to go on to the next subject .


Today I went on a beach clean and found some pretty cool things like; 2 rusty graffiti spray cans,

Someone’s hair gel


A pair of half broken glasses


A pepper pig ball and a tennis ball!


There was one thing I found which was very funny! Now since it is christmas I have a story for you about a Christmas hat… here we go. Once upon a time Father Christmas wanted to go for a swim in Ireland because it is a lot warmer than the North Pole and he brought his good elf with him for company but what he didn’t know was that he had his bad elf with him as well who had sneaked into his bag. When Father Christmas was getting off the plane he left his good elf there but then the bad elf stole the good elf’s clothes and put them on. He said: ‘The clothes I have on are a bit tight I think I’ll use yours!’ and then just when Father Christmas remembered about his good elf, the bad elf came up behind him and said ‘Don’t worry I am here now’. So when Father Christmas went swimming the bad elf stole all of Father Christmas’s clothes and put them in the sea because that would make sense from all the large pairs of knicker’s that I keep finding lately!!!  So that is how I found the Christmas hat today on my mini beach clean!!

Ok are you ready for your big surprise??? I am going to sing a rubbish Christmas song I wrote well here it is…..

I hope you all liked it and would love to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog and has donated to my seabin…

I  am looking forward to telling you all about my Christmas and I would love to hear about yours and by the way I am doing a beach clean the first Saturday of January I hope you can come.

Have an AMAZING Christmas and and see you next year….


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