Father Flossmas!

Hi everyone Flossie here and I am hoping that your all having a good week so far! Before I get on with my blog I will just explain why this weeks title is’ Father Flossmas’ Well if this picture does not anser your question I will excplain it in the blog!


I can’t help but think we have done so much damage to this planet, but it wouldn’t be so bad if everyone in the World tried to clean it up all together!


It was a great beach clean and thank you all for coming!!!!!!!


On Tuesday my Mum and I went to a meeting with Volvo Ireland hoping they will help support our charity we are setting up, we met a lovely lady called Emma, my Mum spoke alot and I spoke a bit too, Mum thinks she mght have spoken too much, butI think it went well! I ate alot of biscuits… 

Today we found an amazing video that the lovely journalist Kathleen took when we were doing the beach clean by boat! Really it is an amazing video THANK YOU SO MUCH Kathleen!!!!!!!!!! here it is if you want to see it!


Today My Mum and I went to Tiger wich is a really cool shop in Dun Laoghaire which sells cool funky things but today in Tiger we found something terrible we found plastic in a bag which was meant to be snow (it is entirely a bag of micro-plastic which will get lost in the sea nfd the fish will swallow)


This weeks story is called ‘When Father Rubbishmas Saved Christmas’

It was Christmas Eve and everyone in the world was happy except for all the marine life in the sea.

All the children were getting ready for Father Christmas to arrive but all the sea life were just sad because they knew Father Christmas could not come to them, as far as they knew he could’nt breathe under water………………………BUT THIS YEAR A NEW PERSON WAS IN TOWN AND HIS NAME WAS FATHER RUBBISHMAS!!!!!!!!

Father Rubbishmas was going to save Christmas under the sea by delivering the best gift of all to all the sea life …PLASTIC AND RUBBISH!!!! He set off on his journey to the sea and got ready to deliver the rubbish to the marine life in the sea! He arrived at his first house of the night, he got down from his sleigh (shopping trolley) and read on his list that he was delivering his rubbish to the Seal family. He jumped down the coral chimney and he emptied his first piece of rubbish !

He hopped back on his shopping trolley and told his magic reindeer fish to ‘GOOOOO’. Father Rubbishmas delivered his rubbish presents to every house in the sea except for one……… the Great White Shark family house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with a huge gulp he went into the under water cave where the Great White family lived , he crept past Mr Great White and tried not to make a sound. He put all the rubbish under the Great White’s seaweed tree, but on his way out he tripped on a peice of rubbish he  had dropped and he woke Mr Great White up….. then Mr Great White started to chase him…he swam and swam but it was no use the shark was too fast!!! then Mr Great White caught up with him, grabbed him held him down, opened his mouth and then………………………………………….. HE SAID IN A BIG FRENDLY VOICE 

_Who are you?

_wwwwwwell I am Father Rubbishmas

__ Really? your my hero! 

Father Rubbishmas was so shocked and relieved that he took Mr Great White for a ride  on his shopping trolley and together they were shouting  ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT’

The sad part of this story is Father Rubbishmas had no idea his presents were going to harm the marine life, he just thought he was making everyone happy!!! 

The End 

This weeks video is about an amazing man called Alex Bellini  who wants to follow the journey of a piece of plastic !!!!!!!!

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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