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Hello my name is Flossie!


This is my blog which I am going to write weekly (Unless something really interesting happens, then I will tell you immediately). And I clean the beach. It sounds a bit boring and stupid but it is quite interesting because we will either find something really cool and dangerous or we will get stuck somewhere. We never know what will happen but don’t worry I will start from the beginning.

I am 10 years old and I live by the sea. I go crabbing with my Mummy nearly every day and I realised recently how disgusting the rubbish was so I said ‘lets clean the sea’ and Mummy said ‘I like that idea’. So a few days later I made a poster and then me, Mummy and my friend Anna hung lots of posters  around the area, but sadly know one came. I was really sad but the next day when I was down at the Forty Foot and the local councillor was there so I told him that no-one came and he gave me his business card and told me to email him so I did and then he told me to put it on the media so I did and I also contacted the news paper and loads of other people and that is how it all began. I’ll tell you what happened after this next Tuesday….stay tuned!!!

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