Hi everyone Flossie here and I just want to wish everyone a happy Easter!!                           I had a great Birthday and a great Birthday party we played bubble football which was great fun. It is where we get into giant bubbles and we have to play football but mostly bump into each other!!! 


On Sunday I went on a beach clean that Cormac Devlin organised [and if you do not know who Cormac Devlin is, he is the politician who told me what I have to do to get peoples attention about beach cleaning] I was very happy for him because there was a good amount of people who came!! I found some pretty interesting things like a toy gun and a Noddy teddy, if you do not know who Noddy is he is that guy who most kids used to watch when they were about two to four years old!


I was able to advertise my disco to all the schools. The disco is on Saturday 7th April and it is on the same day as my monthly beach clean which will be at 11am meeting point: Sandycove beach, but we’ll be cleaning on the secret beach 2 minutes away. So if you want to come to either please do but you must be accompanied by an adult at the disco!!!!!

I am really excited because today I am going to see my family in England so I want to say Hi to: Milly, Joe, Laura, Indigo, Rosey and Gaggy and that I am on my way….whoopeeee!

This weeks story is about Noddy and how he ended up on the beach 

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Noddy, Noddy was a kind little boy but he lived in a toy shop until one faitful day a little girl called Steify brought Noddy home with her. Steify is only 5 and one day when she was out with her Mum she just walked out of the shops without paying, she decided she would leave that to her Mum!

Steify brought Noddy everywhere even to the beach where she would go swimming with Noddy, but one day Noddy was drowning or more likely sinking so Steify had a tantrum which is every parents nightmare! So Steify’s father jumped in to save Noddy… after wrestling a shark he came back up to the surface, Steify like a tipical five year old was already wanting a new toy! So the father decided to give Noddy back to the shark because he seemed to be so attached to him!!! so that is how Noddy ended up on the beach….. The End 

This weeks video is really cool my neighbour sent it to me. It shows you a list of things that are protecting the seas and the seabin is first which is pretty cool right??

I hope you enjoyed the video I know I sure did 

My Uncle sent me this picture which is cool but really bad it is of an iceberg or should I really say a plastic bag!!

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