Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone Flossie here wishing you all a HAPPY VALENTIMES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are all spending it well and are having lots and lots and lots of fun! so today I am only going to write in RED and Pink! And I am so excited because tomorrow is the strike for climate change at my school, we are going to be singing the song that my Mum our friends: Violet and Nicky and my dad and I wrote! Can’t wait for you to hear it! Any way lets get on with this weeks blog!

On Saturday my Mum and our friends and loads more went on a beach clean with us! and we found and did some pretty amazing things!


This Valentimes day was really, really amazing I managed to buy this really cool girlfriend that grows in the water as a joke for my Dad in Dealz BUT…… I also saw a plastic box with nothing in it except for a note say ‘ I got you exactly what you wanted NOTHING’ It is a really big waste of plastic…… and it cost €1.50 [as a kid I am not good with money]! And for my Mum my friend and I went to loads of shops but we coudn’t find anything……………………………………………………Until!!!!!!! we came acrosse this one gardening shop in Glasthule where they had beautiful flowers and the women was so,so, so nice to us and helped us pick out the perfect flowers for our Mums and at an AMAZING price so I would REALLY recommend going there!

So as I told you tomorrow is really exciting because it is the school strike and my class is singing the song that we all wrote! Here are the lyrics and then underneath I have a video of my Friend and I singing it!

The Temperatures rising The planets going to blow The ice caps are melting Theres no were for the polars to go

So today for the first time, Here in Ireland For the first time in history the kids are saying NO!!!!!!

It’s raining heat Its so toxic, Its raining heat [Woo]

I’m going to go out I’m going to let the world no

Climate change has got to go!

It’s raining heat It’s so toxic It’s raining heat [woo]

And here is our song!

And we also made banners on Sunday! it was really fun !


This week’s story is called The Underwater Broomstick!

Once upon a time a long, long time ago there lived an old fish who made magical objects for the sea. One day a witch from the land came to visit him and told him that she wants a broomstick because she’s heard that he is amazing at making magical objects but what she didn’t know was that he only made them for the sea.

The old fish spent months trying to make a magical broomstick, time passed by and finally the old fish had finished the broomstick and gave it to the witch, the witch tried it out in the and said ‘this is quite good’ but then ……………………..she tried to use the broomstick to fly on the land but it didn’t fly, instead it made a weird noise ‘vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv’ then it dropped and fell onto the ocean!!! the witch was furious and said ‘ aaahhhh that cost a whole €20’!!!

Meanwhile back under the water the broomstick was flying freely in the sea until it crashed into some rocks and fell flat on the seabed …then one of King Plastik Plastik’s guards came along and said ‘ooohhh it’s coming up to King Plastik Plastik’s birthday and he did say he wanted something different, so the guard wrapped the broomstick in some plastic he found floating in the sea and brought it to King Plastik Plastik. He opened his present and said ‘oh this is the only great present I have been given so far’

So King Plastik Plastik tried to use the broomstick but the broomstick flew away the moment he sat on it….King Plastik Plastik screamed ‘guards, this is all your fault, and I was going to give you a promotion’

The broomstick flew all the way back to the old fish because secretly the old fish loved his invention of the broomstick and the broomstick loved the old fish, and they lived happily ever after!!!

The End

This week’s video is all about how whales help climate change …hope you enjoy it!!

My Mum might end publishing this blog after the school strike because she is so busy helping with the strike…will tell you all about the school Strike next week….

Hope you liked this week’s blog..


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