Hi, I decided to come back to tell you all about what happened over the summer because I have some big news to tell you on Tuesday.

So the second beach clean was a big success because I talked to the local counsellor and he mentioned me on social media and my Mum put the beach clean on Facebook, Then suddenly I was being followed by over 300 people from around the world and locally on Facebook and everyone was saying really nice things and being really supportive. This made me feel very, very, very, very happy!!


On the next beach clean a family from Finland came to help clean the beach and they came  on their holidays to join us. Which felt really good , they had also seen me on Facebook. After that I was in 2 news papers who wrote about my beach cleaning  hobby


and then my fathers work colleague called my Mum to tell her that I was on RTE1 drive time radio  and that made me feel so so happy but quite amazed because it is a really big radio station. and loads of people were leaving really nice comment’s. Then I did an interview for the local radio with my cousin which was so cool!!


Now I am going to tell you about loads of things we found because they are quite crazy

a microwave

a tyre

Lots of single socks

an iron

a toaster

teenage girl shopping bag

a full nappy (yuck)

lots of mens pants

1000’s of plastic bottles

1000’s of tin cans


well that is all thanks for listening well reading well you know what I mean.

I have something big to tell you guys on Tuesday well see you then!!!

(By the way I forgot to say I’m dyslexic so if there is any one who is reading this who is dyslexic remember being dyslexic is alright well look at me if I can do it anyone can!!!)

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