I AM 12!

Hi everyone Flossie here, and sorry for not writing my blog sooner, but it has been such a busy week. I hope you are all having an amazing week so far!!! I am really happy because I had my Birthday party and I am now 12 years old!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY! And I had a really fun Birthday party yesterday with 3 of my friends from sea scouts! Anyway I am just going to jump into the blog!

So yesterday it was my Birthday party and my friends and I went up to Belfast in our new Hybrid car! for my party we went indoor skydive free falling! and it was awesome! Feeling like I was flying was amazing I felt just like Peter Pan! It was so cool but it was a bit hard to understand what all the hand signals meant! Oour instructor was like spider man he was incredible he was doing flips and turns it was so cool! It was loads of fun!! (thank you so much to my parents for letting me have this party)


On Sunday I went on a beach clean with Cllr Cormac Devlin and we found so much and it was such a lovely sunny hot day which really made it perfect


My Mum showed me this really funny picture and when I say funny I mean stupid and really frustrating!

So my Mum showed me this picture of an M&S bag,,,can you believe it?


On Wednesday my Mum and I went on a beach clean with the lovely Bonnie who was the lovely lady from RTE who filmed me on the day of the march, and she came on the beach clean with us which was really cool and fun. We found so much and when we thought we were done there was more to clean but I think we made a difference! I think Bonnie was really surprised at what we found.

We found: Another shopping Trolly that my Mum and I managed to get out with a lot of tem work,


On Tuesday some lovely Ugandan children came to our school and later that night they sang some beautiful songs which were lovely. They were all really sweet and funny. and the oldest boy who was 13 told his story and it was heart-breaking but it is cool how he made money……. He collected plastic bottles and then handed them in to make money so he could buy food, which was such an amazing idea. I was so happy to hear that he now lives in a lovely home!


This weeks story is called ‘ The Plastic Island’

Once many years ago, a man named Stuart was going to try and sail around the world alone. Finally the day came to leave, Stuart got into his boat and set off to sail. 2 days passed and he was still sailing in smooth calm waters! That night when he was sailing a terrible storm hit his boat. he was being pushed left and right and to the side until……………………. THE BOAT CAPSIZED!!!!!

Stuart woke up on an Island! He stood up but he was very week and had a lot of bruises! He looked around but he couldn’t see any other land or even a boat all he could see was water and when he looked behind him all he could see was island. He was so frustrated but too tired to do anything other than scream…


After hours of screaming he decided to search for food , luckily there was loads of food and he was saved but he still had no shelter and the sticks were way too small to build a shelter! He walked around the island and only on his second time around he noticed that there was over a million plastic bottles on the island that must have floated in from land! Stuart then had a marvelous idea, what if he built a house out of all the plastic bottles? I mean it was worth a try it’s not like he had anything better to do! so he got to work.

Months went by until he finally finished the house and it looked amazing!!! But after a while he started to miss being on something bigger than an island! Then all of a sudden he realised that all these bottles managed to come from another land so it must not be that far away! He decided to build a boat out of all the plastic bottles on the island! As soon as he finished the boat he put all the food on the boat and a stick as a memory of the island and then he set sail! after 2 days on the boat he made it back to land and told his story to the whole world, plastic pollution is not good but it’s amazing what you can make out the plastic you find. People were so interested by his story that they started to build their own houses out of thrown away plastic bottles.

The End

This week’s video is about an amazing man who makes art of the flip flops that wash up on his beaches…he is AWESOME!!!

Hope you liked this weeks blog BBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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