I Am Going To Secondary!!!!

Hi eveyone Flossie here! sorry I am a bit late writing my blog this week but I have been a bit busy, in case you all can’t tell from my title this week I am going to secondary school tomorrow which I am very excited about!

This week my Granny and her neighbour came over from England because it was my Mum’s birthday which was so cool it was a very sustainable birthday! The night before my Mums birthday I went to sleep at 3 oclock in the morning and woke up at 5am because I was so  excited! when it was 5am I went downstairs and decorated the house and got her present ready. After I finished that I woke my Mum and Dad up with a birthday cake that was supposed to be shaped like a yacht but it didn’t work out sadly, it would have looked like the yacht cake if someone stepped on it! but it was undeniably delicious! Once they were awake my Mum opened her first present from me which was an e-mail from Coldplay’s manager which she loved and then I handed her a box that she opend with the best present of all time it was so amazing and beautiful it was………………………… stones!!!!!!!!!!!! I put two heavy stones in a shoe box and I super glued the stones inside and then I wrote ‘GO’ on one stone and ‘OUTSIDE’ on the other one! so when she did eventually go outside she saw a conference pear tree which I got her for her birthday!! it was a really fun day except for when I had a bit too much cake!!!!!! And then for supper we went to The Dalkey Duck which was really delicious!

A couple of days ago we went on a beach clean on Killiney Beach with my two friends and there little sisters which was fun because we found a good bit and we all had loads of fun picking up rubbish. We would race each other if we saw some rubbish to see who could get it first!  We found a dog pillow and a plastic bottle that came from 2003 which is so cool if Only we knew how old the bottle we found in France is!


Since I am srarting secondary school tomorow I had to have all my hair dye choppped off . So I went to my favourite hairdressers, Eden hair in Dun Laoghaire who died my hair and they chopped it off which was so cool. So now I am barely recognizable


As I said in the beginning my Granny and her neighbour were over so that meant we got them to climate strike with us and I did some chants with my granny which cool!

If any of you remember I donated my second seabin to the National Yacht Club but sadly they have not been able to turn it on, luckily we were contacted by a lovely company called Softcat and they have sponsered the seabin so now it will be turned on and do what it is supposed to do… clean the sea!


This weeks story is called:  Mary NoPlastic

Once upon a time down some place in Ireland there was a family who did not know how to recycle, they would also throw all their plastic in the sea when they were bored, not giving a thought for the marine life. Every day the family would go on a family walk down to the beach and on the way they would buy a plastic water bottle and packets of crisps and at the end they would always just leave it on the beach or throw it in the sea, it was terrible.

One day their Dad was promoted at work so they hardly ever saw him and their Mum was normally out with friends so the kids needed a new nanny because the last one left, she left because she hated that they just left their rubbish on the beach! The parents made a notice and put it around town asking people to become the children’s new nanny but no one wanted to because they knew how bad the family were at recycling and how they just left the rubbish on the beach! The parents were stuck for ideas, until one day a woman came, a woman who was both beautiful and at the same time very confusing to look at because she covered herself in plastic and seaweed… she looked like a mermaid but with legs!  She said her name was ‘Mary NoPlastic’. The parents offered her the job immediately, she got the job mostly because she was the only one who applied for the job!

The next day was Mary NoPlastic’s proper day on the job ,so she decided to bring the kids down to the beach like they used to except with a twist! On the way down to the beach she explained to the children that this time we will not be buying any plastic bottles or packets of crisps because she brought all of it in her magic bag made of fishing rig. Instead of a plastic bottle she brought water in her metal water bottle which the kids found very odd, and the crisps were in her bag as well, this confused the kids because they were not used to that! When they finally finished the walk and got to the beach she wouldn’t let them leave the metal bottle or anything on the beach they were very annoyed by it at first and didn’t understand what her problem was! Over the next couple of days Mary NoPlastic taught them how to re-cycle and even brought them down to the beach on beach cleans, and every night she would tell them storyies about the fish under the sea and how they don’t like rubbish! Eventually the children understood why they should not just leave their rubbish on the beach!

Sadly Mary NoPlastic’s work was not over yet because she still needed to convince their parents to be good as well, this was not going to be easy because the parents were stuck in their way’s. Luckily Mary NoPlastic found a way of explaining the importance of re-cycling, she brought the parents to a movie which explained everything so well that the parents couldn’t say no to re-cycling but sadly they still did say:


So Mary NoPlastic explained to them again about how important re-cycling is to help save our planet and how they would be giving their children a future. They finally got it and did their very best at re-cycling everything, they also really enjoyed it!  Soon Mary NoPlastic had to leave because she knew her work there was done and she had to move onto another family!

The End

Since school is starting I want to give you all a list of things you can do to cut back on plastic this term!

Wrap your sandwiches in tin foil or grease proof paper (or you can make your own wax wrap)

Put your lunch in a lunch box made out of recycled fish rig – very easy to make 

Get a metal water bottle

Get a shampoo bar

Buy less books and go to the library

Use re-fillable ink for your fountain pen (it comes in a glass bottle)

Get a bamboo tooth brush

Buy milk in a carboard carton

If you can do your school projects on the computer instead of with paper

Cycle or walk to school – if it is possible

And those are some of my tips!

This video is about how in Rome in Italy, you are able to pay for your travel by plastic bottles, it is SO cool!!!

Thank you all very much Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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