Is It Really Plastic Free??

Hi everyone Flossie here hope your all having a fantastic week so far which is plastic free! Today I am going to tell you all about what happend on the Gili Islands so prepare yourselves because this is going to be extreme!!!!! 

When we arrived on the island of Lombok we were picked up from the airport by a lovely man, it was a 1 hour and 45 minute journey to get to the harbour but when we arrived we were very excited because we could see loads of islands we weren’t sure which one we were going to but it was so cool and beautiful. We got on the boat and went to Gili air Island, it was amazing because the boat took us directly to where we were staying!!! we arrived we jumped off the boat and into the water and walked on the golden sand with are bags and then a nice man directed us to are hut we were staying in, it was so beautiful and there were so many flowers it was gorgeous. The first thing we did after dropping are bags off in the room was straight into the beautiful blue sea, the sea was so salty that I was able to float in it which was so cool! And there were swings in the water which was so cool but at one point I thought a shark was going to eat me on the swing…it actually didn’t becuse there wasn’t a shark there, but my imagination was playing tricks on me!!


One of the sad things we noticed was that there was LOOOOAAAADDDDSSSS of dead pieces of coral on the beach and when we went swimming there were literally no fish,  it was so sad we then learnt later that all the coral was dead because of an earthquake and that was also why there were no fish, which means the biodivestiy in the area had been ruined!

We saw alot of different types of homemade recycling bins which was weird because there was also lots of locals burning plastic! Later on that day we went on a beach clean with an amazing group called ‘Blue Marlin Dive’, they were amazing and really care about plastic pollution, they also had a cat who stays in there scuba shop and just sleeps anywhere which is so cute!


When we did our beach clean with Blue Marlin Dive, I met some amazing people like: trainee marine biologists, and trainee free divers, as well as professional divers and everyone was so happy and really cared about the ocean and plastic pollution. I felt so at home being with them.


The next day was incredible because…. the next day…. my Mum and I went swimming with turtles!!!!!!! which was SO awesome!

We got on a boat  and on the way out we saw a boy fishing with two sticks and a plastic net with bottle tops on it, it was so simple and a much better way to fish becuase none of his fishing gear gets lost in the sea, he puts the net in the sea and then after a few miuntes pulls the whole net out and some poor fish have been trapped in the net which he brings home for his family to eat, sad fof the fish but a good clean way to fish with no pollution to the ocean!!!


Anyway the boat started to move and before we knew it we were in the turtle spot! So we jumped in the water which I was a bit nervous about because we were swimming at the surface where sharks might mistake us for something else! but my Mum told me that we were too close to land for sharks and that they are further out, later on I found out that was a lie! In the begginning I refused to put my head under water because I was scared but then my Mum told me that there were turtles beneath me so I looked and it was SO beautiful all the turtles just swimming around us and at the bottom there were loads of scuba divers which was cool! The turtles were swimming with so many beautiful fish it was just amazing and really beautiful! and I saw an octopus, I couldn’t believe it.. it was so funny!

Later that day we managed to walk around the island and do the impossible thing we actually found a clean beach! but then when we went for a dip to cool down, we found cans in the water…or as my Mum calls it #plimming!!


The next day my Mum and I tried to walk through the centre of the island to see what it was like but we got a little bit lost, we did see some amazing things whilst walking like a chicken living in a broken microwave in an outside kitchen!!


After that we went on a beach clean with ‘Gili Eco Shark Trust’ who are doing good things as well, But on the beach clean we seemed to be finished before all the others doing the beach clean, we mansged to fill a massive bin bag…so again not a plastic free island!!

Saddly we had to leave the next day! It was hard to say goodbye to Gili Air but I know one day I will be back there, to work with Gili Eco Trust and do lots of scuba diving!

When we were leaving at 5am our little cat ‘Home’ was on the beach meowing his heart out, he followed us all thew ay onto our boat to take us back to the mainland!

This was an amazing trip, sure Indonesia was not covered in plastic as much as we expected and The Gili Islands weren’t as plastic free as we hoped but it was amazing to learn about it and to report the truth of what is actually happening.

It wasn’t as bad as we thought on the mainland but that is because it was the dry season and anyway it is such a great thing that so many people and organisations are working together to help educate and clean up, also on the islands the work they do is incredible!

I will come back one day and I know it will be even better then it is now, but either way I will be there to help!!!

This week’s story is the one you have all been waiting for (I had to pull it last week, due to a few errors!!!) the one about the boy who travels he world and the sea ‘ ‘Adam And His Plastic In The Sea Adveture’

One night Adam and his Dad were talking about what sort of adventure they could go on this time, Adam’s Dad said: how about we go on a trip down under the water? Adam loved that idea so they jumped on Adam’s magic cloud and it flew them straight to the sea and under the water!

It was so, so beautiful under there and there were so many incredible fish and marine life, Adam got a bit of a shock when he saw a great white shark, but then he was also fascinated about how the shark moved so slowly! Adam asked his Dad: Dad how fast are great white sharks supposed to be able to swim?

Adam’s Dad replied:

Well Adam great whites are supposed to swim as fast as 40 km a hour!

Adam looked a bit confused and asked if he could explain it for a kid to understand! So Adam’s Dad said that they can go as fast as a speed boat! But then Adam looked even more confused and asked: but why then is the shark swimming so slowly? Adams Dad said: why don’t we just ask him!

Adam was a bit nervous to speak to a shark but he was also very excited! So Adam Asked the shark what is wrong? But the the shark opend his mouth and gave Adam and his Dad a look that said ‘I AM GOING TO EAT YOU’ what he actually said was:

I have a horrible tummy ache!!!!

Adam was so relieved but he was also surprised I mean he was sure that the shark would be a bit more scary than this but instead he just had a sore stomach! So Adam asked what him and his Dad could do to help? But the shark wasn’t sure so Adam the Cloud and his Dad flew into the shark’s tummy to see what was the problem but all they could find was plastic and fishing rig! Adam new excacly what was wrong now so with the help of his cloud they got it all out. Once they had finished The shark said

Thank you I have never felt better!!!

So Adam his Cloud and his Dad decided to go home, but on their way back they bumped into a humpback whale and she looked depressed, Adam was no longer scared of anything so he asked what was wrong but before he could finish his sentence he realised that she had loads of fishermen rope stuck around her tale so Adam and his Dad untangled her and saved her life! Off they went again and as they left the sea and arrived at the beach Adam noticed that the beach was full of rubbish and suddnely he realised that all of the rubbish was coming from humans!!! so Adam and his Dad decided to clean it but it was way to hard to clean up, there was so much… so Adam wished and he wished as hard as he could that he would become a super a hero and be able to clean the beach and all the other beaches around the world in just five minutes! And his wish came true and he managed to save all the beautiful marine life.

When his work was done he said: That was great fun but I am a bit tired can I go home now? so his Dad and the Cloud broght him home tucked him in and as he fell asleep, he was wondering what adventure they would have tommorow!

The End

This video is about what the amazing and incredible ‘Gili Eco Trust’ do to save the coral that was bady hit by an earthquake last year!!


Thank you all and I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my adventures in Indonesia bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!