Hello everyone today I have some very good things to tell you so lets talk about it!

First things first the Lonely have written an article about me which I am still working out who the Lonely Planet are but isn’t that so, so, so cool. Time to go onto the next subject unless you want to know more about it…ok so here we go. On Sunday the Lonely Planet journalist sent an email to me asking me some very good questions and then I answered them in great detail and now I am in Lonely and I am so happy.

Our next thing to talk about is what’s happening tomorrow can you guess? ok the timer starts nnnnnoooooowwww ….now 5 4 3 2 1 ok you lose, the answer was table quiz and raffle. I am so excited are you? come on tell me I am waiting… you guys are no fun I really hope you all can make it because it is going to be so much fun, there will be 6 rounds and one of them has something to do with ice cream so revise your ice creams. AND the answer to the first question is… wait a minute I can’t tell you [ also I forgot ] you just heard nothing well you don’t really hear anything any way because your reading and it’s too complicated!! Next subject.


This week I did a beach clean and found some crazy things like 3 tennis balls, an old firework, a phone which has been in the sea for so long that the battery was hanging out and the battery was also leaking which is poisoning the sea, but not anymore because now it’s in the bin! some cans, glass bottles.


I also found something really funny and sad if it did not work out…wait for it a brides wedding bouquet, and I have two good ideas on where it came from: so a man and a woman got married and then the woman was so in love that when she threw the flowers to a friend it missed and landed in the sea or the man and the woman were about to get married but then the woman’s friend said I object because the man was cheating on her so the sad woman went to the beach to cry but then a huge shark came out of the water and ate her and she left her flowers in the water. The end.

So this video I am going to show you most of you have already seen, it is from Blue Planet II, it is about the ocean.  Have you ever seen the film Finding Nemo? if not  Finding Dory? if you still have not then buy the film because in this video there are clown fish which are my favourite type of fish and before you ask yes it has rubbish in this video!

So I hope you all enjoyed this video because it is interesting and funny if you understand and it is also sad that they do not know what they are using. Well I hope you enjoyed this


Goodbye see you all soon or more likely write to you next week bbbbbbbbyyyyyyeeeee drop the mike

PS Belle you are in the Lonely Planet to bye 

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