Its Snowing In Ireland

Hi everyone Flossie here and well yet again I  have a lot to talk about but I am sure I will find some way  to talk about it all in one blog, well here we go! 

In six days I am going to be talking in front of Accenture and I am very excited. I have picked out the perfect outfit but it took a long time to get it because my Mummy wanted me to get another outfit… so we debated in Dundrum for a couple of minutes but luckily I got my dress in the end. I am very excited about talking for Accenture for International Woman’s Day because I get to answer some questions and it’s in the Convention centre which is huge. I was also told the breakfast is really delicious so I am very excited!!

Today I went on a 2 minute beach clean and I am not joking when I say I filled a whole bag it was like someone just put a load of rubbish for me to find but the only annoying thing, really annoying thing was that my Mummy’s phone died so the video stopped early and we were only able to take one picture of the rubbish and a video that stops too soon but that’s ok because it means I can just explain it to you the old fashioned way. It was such an amazing beach clean, the crazy storm had washed huge things in, luckily the tide was out but the waves were absolutely crazy. So on my very successful and very cold 2 minute beach clean I found: two 7Up bottles ,a popped balloon, 2 giant ropes [which you will see in the video I had a fight getting one of them in to the bag ], two cans, a big blue float for a lobster pot and most importantly a big piece of ugly polystyrene.


I am so so excited because my dream is to be a rockstar and something has happened!!! Just a couple of days ago a really cool Irish band called: TheRiptide Movement who sing the song ‘All Works Out’  well they are doing a ‘Coast to Coast’ tour of Ireland and they want me to join them to talk about beach cleaning I will get to join them when they are touring in the area, they also want to interview me on the web show they are doing so I am very, very excited.

This weeks story is called The Annoying Little Brat 

Once upon a time there was a little girl called poppy she was sweet and kind and cute …. well that did not last very long she was always cute but not kind or sweet she was a spoilt little girl after her mother died her father was so sad and went to the bar every day, with out him knowing Poppy was taking money off his credit card to buy loads of things like an Iphone 7 and a fancy bracelet and an ring; so in fact she was a bad girl and she had no friends because she was also a bully. The the next day her father left a spy camera in the house because he was going bankrupt. He saw the craziest site of all… his sweet and beautiful daughter was taking money off his credit card! He went home to tell her off but when he got their he couldn’t do it because she said: ‘sorry Daddy’ and looked at him with her beautiful eyes, then she said: ‘you know it really doesn’t matter.’Her father said: ‘So what do you want me to get you next?’ sadly she got what ever she wanted for ever until the horrible day came where her father walked through the door and announced ‘I am getting married!’ and with him walked a nice sweet and and kind girl called: Luna [who had known him for a long time]. She was moving into the house that day and when Christmas when came and Poppy got her Christmas present, she told her father how bad it was. Luna said: ‘I am sorry but would you mind being a bit more polite to your father who spent a lot of money on your Christmas present so you should be really nice, but then Poppy’s father said: ‘that is it you are going to boarding school!’ On the way there poppy was screaming in the back of the car until her father decided to throw her out of the window into the sea and his words were: ‘and take your rubbish with you’ but sadly he threw some polystyrene out the window and into the sea as well!!!! Then he drove back home and him and Luna lived their lives happily ever after!!!!

The end

I had so much fun today playing, my garden was covered in snow so I got to run around and make snow angels, jump on the snowy trampoline and my Mummy and I built an amazing snow man


Then my Mummy and some friends including Daddy went for a swim, my Mum found a tennis ball in the sea so I have had a fun day and tomorrow I might go sledging.


This weeks video is beautiful because of the fish but ugly because of the plastic watch this video and tell me what you think

It is really sad right? when I first watched this video I just wanted to put my hand in the manta ray’s mouth to get the plastic out.

Finally just to let you know the monthly beach clean is on Saturday at 4pm, meet up point is at the top of the east pier by the information board. I am thinking the rubbish is going to be incredible down at the ‘secret clothes beach’ after what I found in 2 minutes today

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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