Hi everyone Flossie here, I hope you enjoyed last weeks blog and I have a lot of things to tell you and two of those things are great! and I will tell you one of them right now… it is that my lovely Granny is coming over tomorrow so a big hello to her and I hope you will have a good trip so in my Granny’s honour I am having a beach clean on Saturday at 4 o clock, the tide will be half in and half out. Hope you can join us.

Now time to get on with my blog .

I am not sure if any of you know this but there is a protest today outside the Government’s office, where everyone is trying to get a bottle machine which  I will be talking about a bit  later. Everyone is leaving bottles outside his office and if you want to help you can sign your name here.

Today I had a small meeting with Paal Janson who runs the marina in Dun Laoghaire. So I was asking if I could put the Sea Bin there and he told me to email someone else called Gerry Dunne who runs the whole harbour and who is hopefully going to help me and if he doesn’t I will have to start asking for help from the taoiseach Leo Varadkar and the president Michael D Higgins. People promise they will help me and then they break their promise, it’s very annoying! 

So a bottle re-cycling machine – I will be talking about it in two different languages in kid language and in adult language. So here we go adult first: a bottle machine is a big machine you put your plastic bottles in after using them and then you get a refund voucher. Now  I will be saying it in kids language which I am a lot better at because I am a kid so it is a big vending machine but there are no sweets in it, instead what you do is you buy a plastic bottle of water or anything else that is plastic in the shop and when you have finished drink and the plastic bottle is empty you put it in the machine and it takes your bottle and you get a bit of money in return and just think then you can go back into the shop to buy sweets so it is great or you can get a voucher! still pretty good!!!

My other good news is that my friend got married to a fish and I was the priest! I will tell you how it happened. Well I was on a beach clean with one of my best friends Robyn, we were on the beach and I found Jeremy the Fish, he is a handsome man and the first time my friend saw him this music started to play in their head’s [Hello is it me you are looking for I can see in your eye’s] It was love at first site and then my friend was running and screaming as I was chasing her with Jeremy’s head and then my friend decided to marry Jeremy because he loved her… she still did not love him but she was getting there. I married them and just at that moment she fell in love with him but sadly I dropped him [Hey it was not my fault Jeremy was smelly and sticky]! So she was very sad, I think too sad so I said: ‘I am sorry for your loss can we go now’ and she said: ‘no we have to bury him’ and I said:  ‘ok I totally understand’ and then I threw him into the sea and ran as fast as I could so she wouldn’t kill me. That is the story about Jeremy and the moral of that story is don’t get attached to a fish !!!

Last week as you know I was on a beach clean with my friend and we found a: wheel, football, tops of cans, telephone cord, lots and lots of different fishing line, Jeremy, fishing rope, a biscuit tin and loads more so a big thank you to Robyn for helping me.

Todays question is, what is the most dangerous seal in Ireland?  please answer this question and email it to me and the first person to answer this question I will put into next weeks story!!! 

On Monday I was asked to go and talk about beach cleaning at my old beaver group in Dalkey Sea Scouts and they were really good and had loads of questions for me and I got to talk about the sea bin project and show them what I have found on the beach and what I have made from it. I had great fun doing this and I cannot wait to see all those beavers on the beach clean with me in two weeks. It is really good because they get to earn a badge.


I decided not to do a video this week because I gave you Jeremy instead!!!

I hope you all liked this weeks blog BBBBBYYYYYYEEEEE

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