Hello Everyone!!!!!


Everyone has been so sweet and nice and kind and loads more they have all given me a raffle price and some of them said they will even be coming to the table quiz well one but that is still good!  I might have got some dates wrong… you know how the table quiz is this Thursday  well  I didn’t realise that it is actually next week and I will even be writing my own questions for one of the sections of the quiz so you should really read my blogs again and again and again and again now that sounds right doesn’t it?  I  also am trying to get the word out even more so can you please tell your friends and family.


So everyone ready for our next subject …. well I am not because nothing happened this week so please do not expect too much.

By the way my go Fund me account is set up, we have had some problems in the week but I think it is working now. Mummy said you go to ‘’ and then you put in  ‘flossieandthebeachcleaners-seabin’

So you are never going to guess what happened to me and my friends we are in the Sandycove and Glasthule Residents Association  Magazine on page 6 isn’t that great? it is a huge honor and me and my friend are so happy so if you know the people who  wrote this please tell them I say thank you.


My friend and I just have been making loads of things out of rubbish, like Christmas things I can not remember one of the words that I want to say but no one can remember things like that  but if you can please email us and when I say us I mean me and my Mummy who is reading this so is my Daddy so hi Mummy and hi Daddy and hi Gagy oh and let’s not forget my lovely teacher who helped me spell,  her name is Jean and if your child has dyslexia they should go to her. By the way Gagy  is what I call my Granny. Wait where am I going with this I am meant to be talking about what my friend and I made today.  So you know snow globes well it is a big snow globe without any liquid because I think that there is liquid in snow globes you know what I will just go on to my next subject or I will just tell you what else we made. So sadly this was my friends idea not mine, well we are also making key rings out of plastic they are really cool and we are giving them to people for free.We used sand paper to make the sides not sharp.

OK I am finally changing subjects for you all!!!!

So everyone this video shows an amazing amount of sea life and that sea life turned into rubbish and that makes you realise the amount of rubbish in Ireland is not as bad as the amount in different places because you will think it is sweet and cute that the fish are like playing in the rubbish but then let’s say that sentence again playing in rubbish the bad word is ‘rubbish’!!!! I would almost wish he would go up above the water because then we can see how much rubbish is above the water and how long the trail will go on for it is just awful you just want to say wake up people can’t you tell that if you don’t act fast your country will have no more beautiful fish and your water will probably turn black or brown. I do have one thing I would like to ask where is all the rubbish coming from? I think big boats don’t help anyway.

To pay respect to my friend Anna who you see in lots of photos, I am now writing in blue because it is her favourite colour!!


I am really sorry that this week I didn’t have any beach cleaning chat, I was just very busy this week with boring old school but I hope you still enjoyed my blog. See you all next week, not physically…WOW I used a big word!!! Bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyeeeeee … DROP THE MIKE

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