L O L Disaster!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having a good week so far! This week I have quite a funny story to tell you about how my Mum helped a poor girl named Hannah’s toys go for a swim. Since it is such a funny yet sad story, our first topic is going to be just about that, hope you enjoy it!

This week we had our monthly beach clean and we found: pants,



The top of a mop,

a really cool metal decoration that we think might be from a door but we’re not sure…

millions of spoons and loads more!!!!


So my Mum emptied the bag out everywhere on top of the rubbish!!!!!! And started to laugh because she thought someone had left all of that on the beach, BUT SHE WAS WRONG!!!!!!! LONG STORY SHORT we picked up all the toys and fixed my Mums big big big mistake!!!!! SORRY HANNAH



yesterday I had my confirmation and it was really cool! I chose the name Fabiola and I wore a pair of culottes and my Mums fancy super jacket!


Then after that my Mum my Dad and My uncle all went to get a pizza! and a mocktail!


On Sunday my Mum and I went to lunch in Kildare with friends, when we arrived it was raining, but then it started snowing so my friends and I built snow men and had a snow ball fight, until we all got so cold and went inside! Sadly we had to leave because my Mum was worried that we were going to be snowed in, so we had to leave, when we arrived home all the snow had melted! But the ride home was fun for me , but scary for my Mum


Today I went to the Dáil as ever since it’s Friday and we striked for Climate Change, it was awesome as ever. This time I worked out that the lovely girl Lucille that is there every week who is also a child activist is going to be going to the same secondary school as me! and I recorded a video for next week because this time next week is the big almighty, incredible global strike for Climate Change hope you can be there and if you can’t please try to get your school to strike outside the school gates!!


Today I had one of the greatest honours ever! in the incredible Explorium they have made a wall of amazing female adventurers and scientists since its international womans day! and they put me up as one of them which is so, so sweet and cool! Thank you so much Explorium!


This weeks story is based on true events that have happened this week! hope you like it!

Once upon a time, there lived a very nice young girl named Hannah, who had loads of toys. but what Hannah did not know was that when she was not looking and when she wasn’t around, all her toys came to life!

Half of her dolls were daring and liked to get dirty but the other half much prefered to have a tea party and never get dirty or take a risk! They were complete opposites!

One day Hannah decided she wanted to go on a beach clean but the toys didn’t know that and they thought she was going on holiday without them. Worried and scared they didnt know what to do, but then all the adventurous half had a plan, If they sneaked into her bag she’d have to bring them, so they did but the other half weren’t sure and they refused to do it……………….. Until the adventurous half told them they might be gong to the spa or the nail salon, some how that made all the others get in the bag and they packed all their accessories like their bags and there shoes!

Seeing the bag with all of her toys in it made Hannah realise maybe I should bring them, so she did.

In the bag they were all wondering where they were going, were they going to the spa, a fancy hotel or a motorbike rally with mud and dirt! But only one half of them would be happy, but which one? They were having loads of arguments about who was wrong and who was right but it all still came down to where are we going! Then they started to hear seagulls so they knew they were at the beach and they were all happy ……………………………until!!! Someone walked up to them picked up the bag and Violently ripped the bag open and they all screamed!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we’re all going to die

The evil woman spread them brutally all over a pile of smelly rubbish collected from the sea and then she laughed in her evil deep voice


All the girly half of the toys screamed…

‘OH No my shoes, my clothes, my accessories hhhhhhuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh myself I smell like rubbish literally!’

All the other girls laughed and thought it was really cool and they started crawling into the cans and plastic bottles, then they realised that all of the rubbish they were crawling in had been thrown in the sea and it had been floating around with all the cool marine life…what adventures they must have had…

The toys didn’t realise they had been mistaken for rubbish from the sea, then all the of the rubbish was put into a big rubbish bag by the evil beach cleaning lady….until Hannah screamed:

Aaahhhhhhhh MY TOYS!!!!

The toys were so scared but then so happy Hannah had realised, thankfully Hannah was able to rescue every toy and every tiny accessory…

So luckily they all got back home and they all had a great big long bubble bath!

The End

This weeks video is about…… PLASTIC, it’s funny and really interesting!!!!


Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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