Le Bateau!!

Hi everyone Flossie here, finally the sun is back the birds are singing and more people are coming to the beach to throw there rubbish into the sea ha ha ha!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the sun! Now lets get started on this weeks blog.

Today my Mum and I went on a beach clean, and I am not kidding when I say the rubbish was unbelievable, I mean I can not believe how many bottles and cans we found! it was a short beach clean but we filled a bag so so fast it was crazy the one annoying thing is that there were loads of flies in my face, but the sun was so lovely and the temperature was perfect, it felt so nice. We found : a giant rope 


a really cool cap 


a balloon which still had the plastic on the bottom 


the oldest thing in time… introducing the old fashioned phone !!!


and loads of cans and bottles, the inside of the bag looked like this so it looked crazy 


This week my Mother told me about a really cool thing that the scientists invented by accident but it has turned out to be pretty good and I think it will make a big difference to this world. It is so cool and the best part is that one of the people who invented it is from right here in Dun Laoghaire! The thing they invented is called and enzyme and it eats plastic and gets rid of it forever, now what I would do is put it in the sea so it can eat the rubbish but I am not a scientist and therefore I could be very wrong but it is still very cool because then if we pick up the rubbish send it to the scientist’s they can give it to the enzyme and then it will just disappear and hopefully soon or later our sea will totally clean!! This is the video that was on the news.


In England they are turning plastic into roads which is such a cool idea! 


My next beach clean is going to be on Saturday 5th May I have not decided at what time yet but I will let you know in case you want to come with your kids because loads of people have been asking when is the next beach clean and I have lost some of those e-mails so I am just going to say it on my blog instead. So hopefully you can come with your kids if you’re free!

This weeks story is about how the scientists created the cool thing that eats plastic here we go !!!

Once upon a time in England the scientists were working on a really cool project which would change the world. A man called Joe was the manager and he wanted to hire a security guard to make sure no-one would steal it, but what Joe did not know was that the woman he hired [who was called Indie] was the worst guard in the world because she would steal anything she saw that was pink!! She did not actually know how to be a security guard! Indy was just walking around bored out of her mind, then… she  saw a pink table and sat on it but what she did not know was that she had knocked over the science project and all the potions mixed together…then BOOM there was a big explosion!!

Luckily know one got hurt but when the scientists got back they were so angry, then a scientist called Laura realised that the enzyme was eating the plastic bottle she had just dropped on the floor …and that is how the scientist discovered that thingy.

The End 

This weeks video was sent to me by my lovely french teacher, it is in french in case you cannot understand it but you should understand from the picture’s, it is about a brilliant french man who has designed a boat to clean the oceans.  I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyeeee 

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