Meseage in a bottle

Hhhheeeeeellllllooooooo every one today we have a lot to talk about! Our first thing I would like to talk about is my story I wrote last week. Well on Saturday I did a beach clean up and it was absolutely awful because we found loads of rubbish before we even started. Don’t worry I will give you some examples: Loads of electric wire, the tops of cans [because they have been their so long they have rotted] a broken tv, loads of plastic bottles, a carpet, an engine for a boat, a kitchen knife, a piece of chair, lots of polystirene which is the worst, a car or boat battery which can really poison the sea and loads more. We could not even carry it all to the bin because sadly no-one came which is all right but next time I go there I would like to have a group of people to come and help me clean that beach because it REALLY needs it.


The next day I went back with my friend who I am entering a competition with called UNESCO Young Environmentalists of the year and we found loads of rubbish but we found something else… 2 PLASTIC BOTTLES WITH MESSAGES IN!!!!! because a little girl put some paper in a bottle and wrote something her name was Bell she lives in Australia and she left a note in a bottle when she was visiting Donegal and said that her whole family wrote a letter in a bottle when they were on holiday. And my Mum found one who belonged to a little boy in Dublin and he liked football. It was a successful beach clean up and it is interesting to see what you can find.

Now I would like to talk to you about the competition that me and my friend are doing well it is a beach cleaning thing where you have to fulfil some tasks and we have to make an exposition so me and my friend are going to write a song about rubbish on the beach and my Mum is gong to try get us a stall in the People’s Park because we have been making loads of thing out of rubbish all the things I have already shown you and we are planning to make so many more things.

So you know the way I told you that I was going to talk to a school about beach cleaning well I Skyped the manager of the school in a place called Krabi in Thailand, she was ssoooooo nice and she told me all about how she is going to talk to the principal about how I want to talk to their school about cleaning the beach but don’t worry I am going to talk to other schools about cleaning the beach all over the world.

Now you know how I always finish off with a sad video well today I am going to show you a really funny and cute video of some hugging whales they are so cute… actually no my cats and rabbit are cuter, my cat is on the computer helping me work right now.

You know these poor grey whales used to be hunted but one day a fisherman just sat with one without doing anything at all and the whale did not harm him at all in fact he wanted the fisherman to give him some love so all of the fisherman in the area stopped hunting the whales and now the whales and the fishermen live together in a place called Baja in California happily well that is all for today see you all next week byyyeee

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