Metal Mouth Mickey!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you all had an amazing Easter and are having a great plastic free holiday!!!!!Anyway lets just jump into the blog. 

I would like to start off by saying that my new name is ‘Metal Mouth Mickey!’ well it is for the next year! On Friday I got braces!!!!!!! which I found excrutiatingly painful for the first 24 hours but then the pain settled down until it went away completely! and then once again I was at ease! I have always wanted braces, so I was very excited when they were giving them to me!

When I arrived I went straight in and they took a picture of my teeth before and after! Once they finished putting the braces in I got to pick 2 colours for my mouth, so I picked blue and purple [ I was very happy with my choice!]


I went on a beach clean a couple of days ago where we found: Wait for it wait for it………………………… SNOOPY from Charlie Brown  [It was an amazing find by my Mum that we immediately tweeted to lego man!]


This weeks story is called ‘ What Is The Government Hiding?’ hope you like it

Once many years ago countries were a lot smaller, but some how over the years all the countries have grown in size… but how? Well that is what Jonathan wanted to know!

Everynight he would walk alone because he could not sleep not because he had sleep insomnia but because he would always wonder how did the world get bigger? Then one night whilst he was walking he realised how hard the ground was and the weird thing was that he was walking on grass after it had rained! so something was definitely wrong with the ground!!!!!!!!!!! When it was morning he went down to the grass with his shovel getting ready to dig! But annoyingly one of the government police came and confiscated his shovel and said:

You have no right to be digging here and if we catch you again you’re going to the dungeon I mean jail we dont have a dungeon!!!!

So Jonathan  waited until it was lunch time and then he went with another shovel [because he knew that the police would be eating lunch] so he went back out there and started digging the mysterious groud but then…… another policeman arrived luckily since it wasn’t the same policeman he didnt go to jail or the dungeon he was quite confused about which one!

Since he knew that the police were keeping an eye on him he decided to go again at night! So that night he started digging but what he found shocked him! it was nothing but plastic bottles underneath all the dirt and grass and that was how all the countries were getting bigger! People were using so much plastic that it was attaching itself to countries and they were getting bigger and bigger and sometimes they were growing into new countries which were made of pure plastic…it was a plastic disease catastrophe!!!! and the only one who must have known about it was the government who were keeping it a secret! So the next day he went straight to the government’s office and explained that it was unacceptable! but the government didn’t care because in 2 weeks they were going to vote for a new government so it really didnt matter to them! Furiously Jonathan went home. But then he had a brilliant idea! he would run for goverment So he did and he won [He bribed them with choclate to vote for him but ssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh you didn’t hear that from me]! And after a year into the job he got rid of all the plastic in the world!!!

This week’s video is about climate change…go to number 9 it is an awesome idea!!

The End!

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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