Nigel & Simon!

 Hi everyone Flossie here hope you are all having an amazing week, I have some exciting news about the PakMan awards, and I am sorry that I took so long to write my blog this week! Well let’s get started!

On Saturday [Last week] my parents and I went on a water beach clean on the motor boats! we had a lovely girl named Kori who came on the beach clean with her Mum [ and someone told pour Kori who is 9 years old that they only have 80 years to save the planet or we will all be dead!] Why would you say that to a bunch of 9 and 8 year olds, we are meant to encourage them not scare them out of their minds. So she came to help and we told Kori that every bottle she picks up gives a year more and that we are not doomed because we are all going to work hard so Kori can live more than 80 years!! We also had a lovely reporter from The Irish Times who came to report on what we do, as well as some of the children from my sailing group, and my fantastic sailing instructor Kyron O Gorman, not forgetting our favourite  special guests… the two seals that I named Nigel and Simon, and since we did not know whether they were male or female we decided that Nigel and Simon can be girls names to!


On the sea clean we found so much ,we found : a carton that’s outer packaging had rotted away!


a builders helmet,


Some of those white plastic sticks that the builders use for cement that they spilt in the sea.


Lots of bags plastic sacks that vegetables come in


Two dead birds that my Mum called ‘Bird Watch Ireland’ about so we can found out how much plastic was in its stomaks,


Oh and did I mention that we also had Rolo the dog helping us!!!!!


Thank you all so much for coming


A couple of days ago my Mum got a call from the PakMan awards people and apparently we did not pick up the other award because there was also a finalist award that I won, so my Mum and I went to the PakMan work place which is actually the company ‘Repak’  and they gave me the finalist award and  then a lovely lady called ‘Roisin’ gave me a hat with the slogan ‘Every Can Counts’ it tuens out Roisin started the charity ‘Every Can Counts’ and thats what she does she counts how many cans are thorwn away wothout being re-cycled…it was really embarrassing becasue I thought her name was ‘Every Can Counts’!!!


Today I went to a rally called ‘Extinction Rebellion’. It was a Climate Change rally, it was outside the Dead Zoo and so, so, so, so, so many people came it was crazy. I was asked to do a short talk for them and it was really fun although I got quite tongue tied half way through, but I still continued and afterwards I got to say a chant and get all the kids to say it with me, I said: ‘Do whatever you can do, we deserve a future to!’

It was really cool and after the rally finished I talked to this amazing 14 year old boy called Dara McAnulty who also spoke to the massive crowd and he was so good, he has already published his first book at the age of 14 which is pretty AWESOME !!!!!!!!!


When we were leaving these two really nice boys shouted 

‘Go Flossie’

Which was so sweet!

This weeks story is called ‘ Water Friday’

Once upon a time under the sea lived a Cat Fish called ‘Hat Dish’, Hat Dish was a simple man  who was in love with something called Water Friday where all the coral and clams were 50 percent off in the local shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hat Fish loved Water Friday because he always got the exact things he wanted, but this year he was even more excited because apparently there was a new item being sold and it was called Micro Beads and they were small and shiny which was the reason why people liked them! He got ready to go in with everyone and he was so excited but when he walked in everyone was really shocked, it turneded out everything except the micro beads were on sale which was really weird and odd, but don’t worry he still managed to spend 394 euros on micro beads.

He woke up the next day and it was so weird everything in his house was dead except for the micro beads, [ but as Hat Dish was not the cleverest in the sea and world for that matter] he decided to keep the micro beads and go and stay with his sister Kala. The sad thing was that the next night when they came back from their Mum’s house they realised that everything in Kala’s house was also dead except for the micro beads and that is when he finally reallised it was the micro beads that were doing this, either that or someone cursed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He knew that he had to get rid of the micro beads but first he wanted to find out what was causing the micro beads to fall from the top of the sea so he investigated the situation.

Hat Dish went to the surface of the sea, he took a huge breath and then he put his head out of the water and saw people just throwing the micro beads in! Hat Dish was very annoyed, so he grabbed a bunch of the micro beads in the sea and threw them at the people but kept on hiding so they could not see who he was, by the end of the day every single fish was helping but they all stayed hidden and kept their mouths closed [they didn’t want to swallow the micro beads]

The people who threw the micro beads in thought there were evil ghosts in the water and long story short these people don’t go into the sea anymore in case there is a ghost in there!!!

Now Hat Dish has rebuilt his home and it’s as good as new. So it all really worked out for Hat Dish but not for his poor sister Kala because when the house was being built Hat Dish was staying with her!

The End

This weeks video is about all these poor baby turtles who are being drowned by plastic and never getting a chance in life.  

I hope you liked this weeks blog sorry about how late it it was, I have just been so busy!!! bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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