Not One But Two…..

Hi everyone I have had an amazing week, but let me start off this blog by saying Happy Valentine’s  day I hope you are all being kind to your sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunties, friends and everyone else who I have forgotten. I hope you all celebrated pancake Tuesday. I had this week off school so I was able to focus on beach cleaning so lets get started on this weeks blog.

On Sunday I met 3 amazing girls called: Rosa Eva and Skye who were doing a bake sale to raise money for the sea bin so I went down to say thank you so much and they were just so kind. Apparently they heard about me in their school St. Nicholas in Dun Laoghaire. Anyway, they made yummy cakes but when I got there they were all gone because they were so good. They made an amazing 74 euro and 70 cents….so thank you SO,SO much girls you are really great and I can’t wait to see you on my next beach clean on Sat 3rd March. I will tell you what time closer to the to the date because I will know the tide times then!

This week I went plogging with my mother and we found so much in only a couple of minutes luckily it was really cold so we were not sweating when we got back. It was alot of fun and we found some bottles, cans, tops of scissors, clothes [and when I say that I mean a lot of clothes that beach is pretty much made of rubbish] and loads more. It will be where we beach clean for a while I think.


I have one of the biggest surprises ever can you guess what it is ? Alright you have five seconds 5,4,3,2,1,0 times up here is the answer dadadadadadadadaDA we are not getting a sea bin ! We are getting TWO sea bins so I am so, so happy and it is all thanks too everyone who has donated to me so thank you so, so much and thank you to the Seabin people for being so generous and making a special deal for me. Also thank you to the lovely Tim Ryan from the Harbour Company for letting me put both seabins in the harbour at Dun Laoghiare where it is really dirty.

On Sunday my mother and I went crabbing and cleaning the beach and we found two bottles a couple of cans and tops of cans some plastic bags and loads more but the most important thing I found was a long snake ish worm in the water which felt funny on my hands so it was quite fun.

This weeks story is about Valentines and who created it now lets begin… 

Once upon a time there lived a family called the Nice Guys who were the nicest family in the world but the one problem was there mean daughter called Cupid. She was  really unhappy for some reason, she had black hair, greenish blue eyes, black nail vanish, blue shorts a white t-shirt with an owl on it, red glasses and a denim jacket and a hat.


She was a very beautiful girl who was just so sad, until one day she saw a bow and arrow on the ground she picked it up to shoot an arrow at a tree and when she did the arrow came alive and fell in love with the tree! Then Cupid found out she could fix people’s relationships or take over the world, so she decided the right answer take over the world!!! !!!!!! but after a while she got board of taking over the world so she decided to fix relationships instead and just at that moment she grew a pair of wings and pink hair, she was wearing a pink dress and a hair band on her had with a heart an a arrow and she had heart and love in her eyes 


so she flew down to visit her family and say I love you but first thing she arrived they said: ‘we hate you, you imprisoned us all’ Cupid replied: ‘I know but family forgive and forget so hurry up an forget ‘ then she walked out saying ‘what drama queens’ not knowing outside there was a group of people waiting to chase her with pitchforks . So the moral of this story is, don’t trust anyone called Cupid!!!!

This weeks video is about India 

I hope you liked this weeks video it is crazy about how much rubbish there is in India and imagine how bad it must smell in the slums and how awful it is for the people living there.

Here are two  pictures that are crazy because in the first picture you see a scuberdiver who is diving with a couple of fish but a hole lot of rubbish and the other one you see a yoghurt pot… not a big deal but, oh wait have you checked the date that brings us back all the way to 1976……..I am now going to check every date on any yoghurt pot I find as well.

On the 7th of March I am having a charity disco in St. Patricks  Hall in Dalkey. It is going to be loads of fun! It is 10 euro per kid and adults have to come for safety reasons. There will be a dancing competition and a prize for the winner, it is a sea themed disco, so you have to wear fancy dress that is to do with the sea, there will also be a fancy dress competition. The 10 euro includes a snack and a drink to give you energy for dancing!!!


I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee

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