Octopus Heaven

Hi everyone Flossie here and This weeks blog is going to be a bit shorter then usual because tonight is the premier of Oliver which I am in. I am very excited but I still have a lot to say so here we go!!!

On Saturday I went on a beach clean with Shauna and we found loads of cool things but sadly I can only show you some of the pictures because my mums phone broke so now she is using a really old fashioned phone which can not take photos but we still have some photos. Any way back to what we found ; a lot of plastic forks and spoons, plastic bottles, two big fish [with big lips, three octopuses, a wheel, a lot, lot, lot, lot, of polystyrene [It was pretty much everywhere] and the top of a scooter [which my father with incredible strength pulled out].

My friends mother sent me a picture of a balloon and she told me that balloons do not go to balloon heaven unless balloon heaven is in an animals stomach then yes balloons go to balloon heaven.

Next Wednesday I am going on a walk with a lot of other schools and we are going to be having a parade about plastic I am so excited because I am  going to see my friends because their schools are going to be doing the march as well and afterwords I am going to be interviewed by RTE  an children’s channel and it will be even more exciting because the next day will be my birthday yyyyaaaaaaayyyyyyy I am going to be the 11 year old beach cleaner and something a bit funny is that I will be on RTE children’s news again the next day because they are coming to my school. The teacher told us it will be  media week  next week where we learn about newspaper and how it works.

This weeks story is called balloon heaven now here we go!!!!!!

Once upon a time there was no gravity and everyone was floating all over the place,  no-one could stand on the ground with out floating away so a man called Gravity invented gravity so humans could walk with out floating away and and then someone created a balloon called Balloon and balloon loved his life until one day he knew his time was up, but he was happy that he was going because he lived a long life a whole five days!!! but just then when he was floating into the light the over balloons screamed: ‘nnnnnnnnooooooo I don’t want to die so they decided to create balloon heaven but they could not do it alone so they knocked on a fairy’s door and asked for a spell to create balloon heaven so that when they die they could live in a lovely new home but not all the balloons were lucky enough to go to balloon heaven. Some of them took a wrong turn and crashed into the sun which means they still go to balloon heaven but it  takes a bit longer but they get there in the end the only problem is that the balloon body’s end up in the sea and can end up in a turtle or dolphin or whale’s stomach. The end

This weeks video is a bit funny hope you like it

I hope you guys liked it and I hope that the octopus gets it’s hat back but this time make it out of sea weed and kelp.

I hope you like this weeks blog I am sorry that it was a bit short bbbbbbyyyyyeeeeee

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