Plastic River!!!!

Hello Everyone, I just was shown a crazy video of some people in Northern India’s river it is just crazy because it was just filled with rubbish and no not a small amount of rubbish but an entire amount of rubbish it is so so so crazy so just imagine what happened to that river so what could happen to the ocean.

Yesterday me and my mum went down to the beach and we finally remembered to bring some bags so we did and we found some really crazy things like a shoe, lighter, scuber mask, and a smelly pair of men’s knickers!!!!! 😳🤢


we think we found an exploded grafitti can and a dead bird that we think an animal killed like a cat or another bird. The brands we found were coca cola, Tesco, Marks and Spencers .

Also I saw a new video of a man called Boyan Slat who has invented a system to clean the sea all over the world by 2050  he is so cool. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

Now guess what I found the typical thing, the thing that I hate the most… plastic rings!


I am entering the Eco Unesco competition looking for people to be part of my group and become a proper beach cleaner,  SO PLEASE CONTACT ME……

Finally my next beach clean up is going to be Saturday 4th October at 3pm meet at Sandy cove beach and then we will split up. Hope you can make it!


Hope to hear from you all soon….. bye!

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