Hi everyone Flossie here and I hope you all had a good week, I did! My Granny left yesterday sadly so I was a bit sad but it is fine because I am going to see her at Easter so I am happy. Moving on… this weekend I am having a beach clean with the Sea Scout Beavers which will be funny especially if they find something weird because they are quite young so fingers crossed!!

As you all know my Granny my Mummy and I went on a short beach clean and we found a couple of things like my Granny found a bottle still in a brown bag but yet it was empty so sad even if it has been on the beach and possibly in the sea I am sure someone would still like it. Any way we also we found the top of a peg, bottles, no cans for some weird reasons, a plastic green bag which I heroically got out of the water but if you know my Granny she will tell you a different story on how I was getting my shoes off  getting ready to get the plastic bag but just when I was about to get it she pushed me out of the way so she could grab it and then she celebrated. 

There is a really cool new app you can get which I am sure most of you know about where you can scan food or drinks or make up products in the shop and it tells you if it has micro plastic in it or not so you can decide to get, also it is free to download.


If you do not want to get this app then you can stop buying plastic milk bottles and start buying paper milk bottles which would be great to try save the planet, thats what I have asked Mummy to do.

Tomorrow I have to go to a meeting with Tim Ryan from the Harbour Company and this is going to be important because if he does not want me to put the Sea Bin in his harbour we will have to go to the people to get support, and all our hard work will get harder.

Know one knows this yet but I have been writing a lot of poems lately and this is one I have written about the sea 

What We Do Not Know About The Sea

The sea it is such a fragile thing one of gods finest creation 

But there are a lot of things we do not know about it yet                       

Some good but some bad 

Like every day I would feel it gets more rubbish in 

And I can smell the rust on a bottle when I pick it up 

And I can see the sea so sad at times like it needs a friend 

But it has no friends  

Why the sea must you hide this from me ? 

I suppose you do not want me to get hurt 

Even if the pain hurts more 

I will make a promise to help and protect you 

Because I am your friend .

I hope you liked my poem!

As you know I have been doing a question of the day but no one has been answering so next week I am going to stop unless some of you will answer my question so please Email me the answer to today’s question. What is my poem about?

I have been asked to talk in front of a big company called ACCENTURE and there will be lot of serious business men wanting to hear about beach cleaning…  I am so excited!

This weeks video was sent to me by Kyron the lovely coastguard who has been helping me clean the sea by speed boat, this video is really amazing I won’t tell you what it’s about or else I will spoil it for you.


Isn’t he amazing to make a bike to clean the river. Can you believe he  gave up his job and dedicated his life to making this world a better place.

I hope you all liked my blog this week, see you all next week bbbbbbbyyyyyyeeeeee

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