Recycle It!

Hi everyone Flossie here, I hope you’re all having a great week so far even if everyone is back to school and work in Ireland and if you are not back to school yet and you are in an other country please email me because I love to know about different countryies and how they work, or if you know someone who is going back to school in another country please email me.

On Saturday I had a sleepover with four of my friends as I said I was going to last week, and it was awesome and all the girls had loads of fun until around 1 in the morning .


A hook that has probably fallen off a ship 


A couple of days ago my Mum and I went on another beach clean well more likely a walk to get Ice cream but on our way we saw 5 washed up Lionesmain jelly fish…


Whilst we were looking at all the jellyfish we started to see loads of rubbish and we also saw a lot of bits of long white plastic string all over the beach because thanks to the builders who are re-building the swimming baths, their white bags are just flying around into the sea and then breaking up into pieces, and then  breaking into even smaller pieces and then even smaller pieces again, and all the local sealife and birds will be in danger from them.


If you remember last weeks blog I said that I found a memorial plaque and it was re-united with its owner after six years well I found it again only this time it was not on the beach 


On Wednesday something really exciting happened ! The first meeting happenened for  ‘Flossie And The Beach Cleaners Charity’ which I have been keeping a bit of a secret about but now we have done the first meeting it is safe to talk about it so I will start off by saying it is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This weeks story is called’Recycle It!’

Once many years ago there lived  a man named Donner, Donner was one day sailing in his boat until he suddenly got very lost! he looked around but nothing and no-one was there until a giant came out of the sea and said in a loud angry voice: ‘giant hungry, giant wants bottles cans and plastic’. The giant was really scary so Donner decided to follow his instructions. Donner created a thing called re-cycling so every day people would re-cycle and he would collect the people’s rubbish the next day, than he would put all the strong plastic and cans in the right places and the rest of the week plastic that couldnt be re-cycled and cans he would feed it to the scary giant.

It was going perfectly until one day when the giant turned 93 and Donner passed away! Donner told no one about the giant so when he died no one took care of the recycling and they all started to just use land fill instead, because that is way more easy then re-cycling.

2 Weeks later the giant got very hungry and very angry because no-one was bringing him food so he got out of the water and started to attack the little town until they gave him what he really wanted plastic !!!!!!!!!! Then he screamed in a scary voice ‘WOW’ because when he stood on the ground he just happened to have stood were they had put all the rubbish. The giant ate all the rubbish and when the town people saw him eating it they realised why Donner wanted them all to re-cycle. So from that day forward they all promised to re-cycle.

The end 

This weeks video is really sad it is about turtles

I hope you think that video is as sad and wrong as I think it is 

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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