Replying To a Message in a Bottle

ello everyone Happy Halloween, this week I have some important news  the girl who wrote a message in a bottle came back to me on email. Her name is Belle she lives in Australia and she is 10 years old and she lives 10 min away from the sea. Isn’t this cool that she came back to me? We e-mail every day!!! She came to Ireland on her holiday.


I was in Scotland when I heard about her coming back to me. I was visiting my godmother,  my god grandmother and my god brother they are all really kind and there beach is so clean I didn’t see any rubbish which I was really happy about because they have a beach cleaning group as well.

Yesterday I went beach cleaning with my friend who I had a double sleep over with!  we found so much rubbish it was crazy.  We found: a pair of goggles, 2 pairs of men knickers, shorts, a tee-shirt, a shoe, [can’t go any were without a shoe] 2 golf ballS, [same with them] a sign saying something, [I can never remember any thing oh can you guys still hear me] loads of things with rust on them, [which can really kill animals and sea life] 10000000000 cat food packets from Lidl, [speaking of cats my cat just jumped on  the computer.] 

Now lets see where was I… oh yes cats no I  wasn’t there but I was close to that,oh yes cat food packets [there are cat food packets all the time but where do they come from its almost creepy] and a alien dead fish which  I scared my friend with it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing my head off hahaha, I’m still laughing right now.


So you know how I was telling you all about the big sea bin thing well I am going to look into that because the council said no but then they said yes so I don’t no just yet but I will make it happen for sure because I want to be able to clean the sea as well as the beach because it is good what I am doing for the sea but no matter what it is going to get  dirty anyway which is a shame so that is why I want this sea bin so much. Also Mummy contacted the sea bin people and they said it is still being tested but we are now on their waiting list buy one.

So my video today is about what rubbish can do to everyone and everything I hope you enjoy it !!!

I hope everyone has a happy  Halloween  bbbyyyeeee 

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