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Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having and AMAZING week so far, and getting ready for the weekend and the school strike on Feruary 15th… remember tell all the the schools that you know or that you’re in, and start making banners and chants, I am making up a song for my strike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ireland might not be the best at climate change and we might be a small country but we do care about the environment and we want to show that to the world!!!!!! 15th of February its time to get ready!!!!!!!!

This week my Granny was over and after school my Mum my Granny and I were brought out on the boats by my sailing instructor to clean up all the rubbish! and the amount of shoes we found were crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 we found 4 to 5 pairs of shoes here are two of the shoes


two plastic wrist bands that said environmental agency 2017 and 2018 wich was funny and sad


This long yellow rope which could wrap around a seals neck


A big black plastic bag


An anchor


a lot of rope that my Granny would not give up on even though it was tangled around the rocks


A giant long thing of plastic wrap which we took a video of

and loads more


On Saturday my Granny my Mum my Dad and I all went to pick up a really cool hybrid mini car for the weekend and it was so cool, we all really liked it, it was so awesome, also inside the car it changed colours, it went from red to blue to purple it was so, so, so cool and I really hope we get it! When we were in the car I continued to sing the song ‘I’m In Love With My Car’ by Queen it is such a fun song to play in the car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday my Mum and I went to a really great meeting about the swimming baths  in Dun Loaghaire that are being built. It was really interesting and cool because we got to help decide the future of the swimming baths in Dun laoghaire!

This weeks story is called ‘The Seals Playground’

Once upon a long, long time ago under the sea there was a problem a big problem……………………..

……………………….. ALL THE SEAL CHILDREN AND BABYS WERE BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which was terrible for all the parents because the children would just complain and annoy their parents, CONSTANTLY.

The adult seals did not know what to do and  or how to do it!! Then one day something crazy happened all the seal children were missing they weren’t annoying the fishermen they weren’t trying to steal food, they were no were to be found! All the parent seals were looking everywhere meanwhile the seals with no kids were enjoying the sound of silence! They looked high and they looked low but they could not find their children at all. After a while the parent seals were starting to get worried that something terrible might have happend to them but then one seal found them all on the surface playing with all this plastic and rubbish!! The seals hugged there kids, then one seal who was more angry than anyone that they didn’t tell them where they were going said:

We have been looking for you everywhere, we have been worried sick!

then one of the kids said

Sorry Miss we just saw this really cool place to play in and we just couldn’t help ourselves

Some how all the adult seals understood and were alright with it!!!!!!!!! So everyday all the kids would go there to play with the rubbish whilst the parents relaxed or enjoyed the fishermen!!!!!!!!!! Things were going great …………………………………


One of the seals swallowed one of the pieces of plastic and couldn’t breathe… luckily his Mum and Dad brought him straight to the seal hospital where he was saved but then they realised they had to do something about the playground because they did not want this to happen ever again! so they went up to the surface and got one of the bags that was floating up there, then bit by bit piece by piece they cleaned up every last piece of rubbish and made it one of the cleanest parts of the sea and when ever rubbish would build up there again they would clean it and then they would put it on the one place it truly belonged…the human’s beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And from now on instead of doing nothing with their kids they taught there kids how to do one of the most important thing in the world……………………………………………………………. ………………………..

Follow the fisherman’s boat and sunbathe on the rocks!!!

The End

This weeks video is incredible and it is good for two things one to save money  and secondly to get rid of plastic I really hope we can do this in Ireland. hope you like the video!!! (my cousin Millie sent it to me, so thank you Millie!)

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeyeeeeeeee

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