See you at the Dalkey Lobster Festival!

Flossie and the Beach Cleaners are delighted to be taking a stand at the Dalkey Lobster Festival this weekend (Aug 22-25).

Beach clean at Killiney, Co Dublin
Beach clean at Killiney, Co Dublin

Flossie with her mum Harriet
Flossie with her mum Harriet

The stand will include all sorts of items: fascinating pieces of rubbish we’ve found; ‘guess the age of this piece of rubbish’; items made from rubbish; an activities corner to make something from a plastic bottle and broken toys; guess which jar of seaweed has a ‘pair of pants hidden inside’….; a recycling quiz, and lots more!

There’ll also be a bucket of free toys, swimming goggles and hats that you help yourself to – as long as you take The Flossie and The Beach Cleaners Pledge!

‘I solemnly swear that every time I pass a beach I will pick up any rubbish I see.

‘I will become a super hero at recycling and I will spread the word to clean the world’.

Next you must stand on one leg, put your arms in the air and shout: ‘PLASTIC FREE OCEANS AND SEAS!’

We look forward to seeing you at the festival, and if anyone would like to volunteer to help with the stand over the three days, that would be fantastic!

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