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Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having a good week so  far! I am so sorry but this weeks blog is going to be a bit shorter than usual.

Today a lovely lady called Val from ‘Dalkey Soaps’ gave me the awesome shampoo bars that I have been dying to use, so she gave me one as a trial. My Mum made 3 videos of me using the shampoo bar in stages. It really works and it is really cool so if you want to try it get it from ‘Dalkey Soaps’ and it even comes in a tiny brown paper bag instead of a plastic bag which is great! Here are the videos of me seeing if it works but before you see that one last amazing thing about the shampoo bar is it lasts for months insetad of a plastic bottle of liquid saop…. [awesome]

She keeps all the products at home so her house smells AMAZING!!!!!!!!! The room where she keeps them all is so, so cool, the only plastic she uses is recyclable plastic which is really good. Thank you Val you rock and I really hope my readers visit Val’s website ‘’  and buy her soaps, especially the shampoo bar, because it does last a long time!!!!!!!! [ everything you see in the back round is soap that she made her self]


Today the dress my Mum ordered for the Pakman awards arrived and it is so cool but I am not showing you a picture until the night!

On Wednesday I went to Ted talk training at around 7 o’clock in the evening just to do a small practise run which was a bit fun !


Tomorrow morning  [let me rephrase that] very, very, very, very, very, very, very early in the morning we’re  going to my godmother’s wedding in Scotland and I am a bridesmaid! I am very excited to be her bridesmaid and also looking forward to seing my friend who is the chief bridesmaid.

On Saturday I had a beach clean in the morning which no one was able to make it to, probably because it was WAY TOO EARLY AND WAY TOO WET !!!!!!!!!! There was not much but what we found was quite cool  for example: a toy plastic lemon ,a lobster shaped sandcastle moulder, a coffee cup , an evil toy that squirts water [ I thought it made a squeaky noise so I touched its stomach but then it showed its true colours by squirting me with sea water, then I made a video of me trying to save it but it went horribly wrong it did not work until the end where it went right into my face and mouth!] and loads more!


Great news everyone my parents went to visit the Seabin when I was sailing and it is working really, really, really well there is rubbish in it and in the bin next to it that you put the rubbish from the bin in well it had loads of rubbish in it so YAY, ITS REALLY WORkING REALLY WELL!!!!!!!!!!

This week’s video is about a beautiful beach that has been ruined

I really hope you liked this weeks short blog sorry that it could not be longer but I have to go at stupid o’clock in the morning thank you BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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