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Hi everyone Flossie here, I have some really exciting news! On Friday it was the last day of school for me and what is so amazing about that is that after school I went on a beach clean with…… The Riptide Movement, they are such a cool band!

The beach clean was a 2 minute beach clean but we still managed to fill some bags, Luckily there was hardly any rubbish on the beach, so slowly Ireland is becoming cleaner which means there is a chance for my generation will get to live in a world without plastic, and  not to have to worry that there will be more plastic than humans!

There is one thing which is annoying me a bit, everybody keeps on saying that our sea is going to be filled with plastic, or by 2050 we will have a clean sea but really if you think about it 2050 is a long time away and since I am a child time moves  more slowly for me, because as most people know children these days are very impatient!!! but really if you think about it towns are becoming plastic free which is a really good thing but plastic is not the only problem. People who do not know how to recycle do not understand it is all good not leaving plastic on the beach but leaving cardboard cups on the beach is still not good because they have a plastic film on the inside of the cup and are not recyclable either way it should not end up in a whales tummy.

This week I went to the dentist and he took out 5 of my teeth and I had swollen cheeks for 2 hours and it was so so cool and a bit painful. I wanted my Mum to record it so I could see what it looked like afterwards.  So here is a video of it happening which if you are squeemish, don’t watch!!


 This week I also went to England to see my Granny and I saw some interesting things when I was in England for example: a Costa coffee shop in England was getting milk in plastic bags thinking it was better than getting the plastic bottles of milk, which is ok as long as the plastic is recyclable….it was not but that is ok because some countries are only learning to recycle now so it is better that they learn now than they never learn at all. 

In England I also went to an animal sanctuary called ‘The Ferne Animal Sactuary’ where I saw a lot of cute animals that I wanted to bring home with me! After a while I got hungry, so me, my Mum and my Granny went to get some lunch and I ordered a milkshake. I was very happy about it not only because it was yummy but also because it had a paper straw which was good and the plastic cup was copostable…AMAZING!


This week I want to do a little experiment but I need your help to do it! When you all go to do your weeklky shop try to buy as little plastic as possible for example instead of getting milk in a plastic bottle get milk in a card board carton, do not get fruit and vegetables in a plastic bag  just try to buy the fruit and vegetables loose, but glass jars of mayonnaise and jams. Go plastic free this week and let me know how much less rubbish you have in your bin at the end of the week

Back to the really cool Riptide Movement who I did a quick beach clean with, we were doing the beach clean as part of an event that is  called The Dalkey Book Festival’

and then after the beach clean I went home to get ready to go to the Dalkey Book Festival where myself, the lead singer of the band Mal and 3 other important people  talked about plastic and answered questions as well which was fun, but to be honest most of the time I was smiling at my parents and my friend who came to watch me. Her name is Aoif and she is really supportive.



This weeks story is called: King Plastik Plastik 3

Once upon a time King Plastik Plastik was swimming around the sea when he noticed something odd, the sea had almost no more plastic  in it but yet all the plants were still dying so King Plastik Plastik went to the smartest fish in the sea and asked him why nothing has changed. The fish said in fish language ‘Your crown is made out of plastic and a bit of micro plastic falls off every time you move’ but King Plastik Plastik got very angry mostly because he never learnt how to speak fish but he had a feeling the fish was talking about his mother so he said to the fish simply ‘What did you say about my mother’ then the fish said ‘ YOUR CROWN, YOUR CROWN IS THE PROBLEM’ 2 hours past and they were still arguing then the King said ‘Wait a minute my crown is made out of plastic my crown must be the problem and I did not need this dumb fish to help me at all’  Then the fish just stared and then passed out from being so angry. The King came back to the castle but he was very sad because he knew he had to give up his crown he almost felt as sad as he did when he found a crown that belonged to the king of the burgers but really he did not have to write Burger King on his crown!!! King Plastik new as king he had no choice so he took his crown off and the sea was saved again.                                                                                                  The End 

Well that was a sad story but I do hope King Plastik Plastik finds a new crown.

This week’s video is another great example of how we can get rid of more plastic in our lives. My lovely godmother finds these great videos!!

Aren’t they cool!!!

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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