The 12 Dancing Plastic Bags

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having an amazing week. Now let me be the first to say because it’s the 1st December HAPPY CHRISTMAS, any way lets get on with the blog!

Yesterday my Mum and I went on a beach clean where there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky which was gorgeous and then there was a double rainbow which was even more cool!!!!!!


We found a couple of balls and a dogs toy and a squishy baby toy


We also found this medium piece of sea weed that had so much thick fishing line in it!

We picked this amount of plastic out of one piece of seaweed!


And loads more


This weeks story is called ‘The Twelve Dancing Bags’ 

Once upon a time their lived twelve plastic bags, and they all had beautiful names for exemple: Baggy, Plastic, Pollution, Fly, Swallow, Floaty, Tutal, Killy, Non-recyclable, Eaty, Cutey and Foody. They where all plastic bags which liked to dance in the air when the wind was blowing. their father was King of the plastic bags and he also hated when they danced so they were not allowed which made them sad! One day Pollution was dancing away and then the wind picked her up whilst dancing, so the other plastic bags started dancing and they got picked up by the wind too.

They were  all so happy dancing in the air, the wind was making them go here and there until the wind suddenly stopped! and instead they all landed in the water, but in that water their was a turtle who had bad eye sight and mistook the princess plastic bags for jelly fish. The twelve plastic bags were swimming away as fast as they could hoping the turtle wouldn’t eat them and luckily they all washed up on a beach… but the tide came back in and washed them back out to sea were Killy got wrapped around a seals neck, the eleven plastic bags tried to get her off and luckily they managed [The seal was alright too]

The wind picked the girls up again and they were once again dancing in the sky until the wind blew them into a seagull’s face and the seagull couldn’t see and he almost swallowed Non-recyclable but before that happened the wind blew them away [ the seagull was alright] Flying around they finally landed……….. BACK IN THE SEA!!!!!!!! Then a little boy went for a swim but when he did he got trapped under water because their were to many bags on the surface! but …the wind picked up and they were in the air again [ The little boy was alright along with all the other animals!].

Flying around so much  made the plastic bags tired and cold and they would do anything to get home! Then they saw a miracle, an angel [a flying fish] They jumped on it’s back and flew off into the distance until they got home and when they did they ran up to hug their father who said:

Wow you all smell terrible and you have ripped your bag wich cost alot of money but it is so nice to have you back

Then he kissed them on the head [or the top of the plastic bag!]

The End

This weeks video is about the river running through Manila in the Philipines, it is so sad to see. 

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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