The Black Shell!

Hi everyone Flossie here! hope your all having a great week so far, Sorry I havn’t written my blog in a while but I have had a lot to do!!!!! hope you all don’t mind. anyway lets get on with this weeks blog!

On Thursday I went on a really fun beach clean with a bunch of cool authors, and on the beach clean we found so much! There were a lot of cameras so it was a bit hard to go where I wanted to pick up the best pieces of rubbish before anyone else but it was still really fun!!


On Sunday I spoke at the International Literature Festival and it was really nice because there were mostly children in the audience and 3 of my friends were there! When I was there I met some famous authors who I was speaking with,



A couple of days ago my family and I went to the Red Bull Diving competition and it was so much fun and so funny to watch! My Mum and Dad were hanging out with their friends which was great for them but it did mean I got really bored! But luckily then my friend Maria came along so I just hung out with her!


During the week my Mum, my friend Anna and I went to this amazing exhibition where students had made lots of statues out of re-claimed rubbish,  it was SO awesome. We have been told w can take some of the the stautes when the exhibition is finished, which is SO kind!!!

It is the 2nd global climate change strke on Friday 24th, normally I would be going to it in Dublin, but I have sports day so won’t be able to make it in time, then my Mum had a incredible idea that Lucille and I should organise a march in Dún Laoghaire which means we will make it on time!!! So on Friday the 24th May outside the county council buildings at 1pm all the way to 2am just kidding it will end at 2pm we will be striking! I really hope you can make it if you live in Dún Laoghaire or anywhere close by. If you want to come make sure to bring a sign and a chant! It’s going to be loads of fun!

This weeks story is called ‘the under water tunnels’

Once upone a time many years ago there lived a very rich man who wanted to see all the marine life under the sea! He thought it was ridiculous that he had to look at the sea the same way everyone else does, I mean surely if he is rich that makes him better than everyone else? So he wanted to find a way to see the sea and marine life from a better view like for example under water [now that’s a great idea!] so he paid some builders to dig a hole in the sand which is really deep and then build it into the sea and build glass around it so he can walk out far into the sea and see all the beautiful marine life! But he didn’t want to have to walk on sand to get down there he wanted to be able to walk on stones because he didn’t like sand!

Whilst they were building it he paid to have the beach shut down so no one would suspect what was going on! Once it was built he kept it a secret from everyone except his wife and his other rich friends because he was very anti-social when it came to people who had less money then him! A couple of years later when his son Daniel was 12 years old he decided to take him down to see the marine life. On the day he brought his son down and showed him all the beautiful marine life swimming around all Daniel could see was the rubbish that had sunk to the bottom of the sea so he asked his Dad why it was all down there but his Dad couldn’t care less and anyway he was too busy hanging out with his stuck up friends! Later that evening when Daniel got home he googled why the rubbish was all down there then it came up with plastic pollution is helping ruin the planet and is one of the causes of …CLIMATE CHANGE DUM DUM DDDDDDDDUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!

At first he was scared and didn’t know what to do but then he decided to get over it and face this whether he liked it or not, climate change was coming and this is why it was getting warmer [he thought that the sun just wanted to give him summer for a bit longer] but he wasn’t scared he was actually fine because he knew that if he just stayed calm he could find something to do about it! Then he realised that he was a kid and it is the adults who have to really do something, adults who care [unlike his dad] but obiously he would have to do his part so he decided to clean the beaches and he would occasionally bring scientists down to the tunnel to examine the whales and rubbish and slowly together they would stop climate change.

The End

This weeks video is not pretty, but it shows that we still have alot of work to still do!

Thousands – if not, millions – of plastic bottles and rubbish overran this river in Indonesia. Something must be done to overcome the world's plastic pollution 💔🌎 — LADbible (@ladbible) May 14, 2019

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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