The Evil Man!!!

Hi everyone Flossie here I hope you all are having a good week enjoying the sun and the sea. Well lets just jump right into the blog!

Today I went on a beach clean with my Mum and my neighbours, and my neighbour’s friend. It was only a short beach clean but we still got the work done and we found a good amount of rubbish,  we found: A re-usable nappy [ when I said use re-usable things I did not mean like this because this is disgusting !]



and loads more crazy things, but one of my favourite things was the nappy next to the grown man knickers looks like the baby is copying the father!!!!!!!

A couple of days ago I got a letter from a family friend called Croasdella who sent me a article from a magazine that she got from when she was on a plane, it is about a woman called Lizzie Carr who was trying to be the first woman to stand up paddle board across the  English channel, and on her way she stopped every 4 miles to take samples of how much micro-plastic could be found floating in the sea and compared the sample along the way which is which is really, really awesome…  and now she has a massive plastic campaign in England.


This week I got a card from Accenture which was thanking me for coming which I thought was really sweet and on the back there was loads of posts which were on Twitter of me which was so nice it really made my day. 


I am really excited because tommorow I am going on a school trip with my class and we are going to Belfast the only down side about it is I have to be at school by 7.20 in the morning !

We are going to the science museum yay!!

This weeks story is based on a true story that happened today…..well here we go!

Once upon a time there was a rich man and his wife. The man was called James and his wife was called Millie, they were both a very odd couple because they thought it was alright to throw rubbish on the beach for fun and they always thought they were right until one day they were walking on the beach and then James threw some rubbish in the water,  then a huge octopus came out of the water and ate them but they did not die because the octopus did not want to hurt them he only wanted to educate them!

So when he ate them he explained why they should not throw rubbish in the sea or else they would be visited by the 3 ghosts of rubbish…  James and Millie decided to never throw rubbish in the sea again but then they saw my Mum and I leaving our rubbish filled bag next to the public bin for the counsel to pick up after our weekly beach clean. James the old man drove up to us in his car and told my Mum that she was setting a bad example to me and then just drove off really quickly…. just like that without giving my Mum a chance to explain this was rubbish we had collected from the beach!!!  Later on that night they got visited by the 3 ghosts of rubbish. So the moral of that story is don’t bother getting angry with people that don’t listen to you like them because  they will never understand  and they got a visit from the 3 ghosts to prove it !!! The End..

This weeks video is about edible plastic which I really want to eat for some weird reason it looks really cool tell me what you think?

I hope you liked the video because it is really cool in my oppinion .

In a couple of weeks something exciting is going to happen Sea Bin related !!!!!!!

I hope you liked this weeks blog  bbbbbbyyyyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!  

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