The Fairy Bake Off!

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are all having an amazing week so far!!! Today I am writing my blog from England in my Granny’s house which is fun! this week I did an exciting talk. Anyway lets jump right into it!

On Tuesday I went to the Dublin Bay Biosphere Conference where I did a talk but this time on a panel which was fun. On the panel I met loads of interesting people from around the world! The lovely man who organised it (Laurie) was asking us all questions in front of the audience!

When we arrived we all stood outside and took loads of pictures and as ever in all of those pictures my eyes were closed! (It’s a Donnelly trait according to my Mum)


After having a good look at all the stands my Mum and I went into the conference room and listened to the plan for going on stage! Laurie explained that I was on panel one and that he would be asking me some questions first. Then I had lunch it was a great conference amd really interesting what other countries are doing around the world to protect their biosphere (area).


Please any children who are reading this remember that it doesn’t matter what age you are or what people tell you, you can make a difference by getting the word out or just cleaning a beach or striking we may be kids but its our future and I say we fight for it!

On Wednesday my Mum and I went on a beach clean where there were loads of rats which my Mum was terrified of!

On The beach clean we stupidly forgot to bring a bag but we did find a flag which worked even better! On the beach clean we found: An incredible divers watch which I kept! Millions of plastic bottles!, A Dublin flag which was very useful, towels made out of plastic, huge long  plastic pipes…. and a yellow balloon!


On Monday it was April fools day, and my friend and I had a plan!  We wemt to school but I had a cast on my hand and she had a broken foot! We faked  our injuries but sadly no one believed me…everyone believed my friend which was annoying but still funny as in the middle of a lesson we went to the bathroom and then jumped out screaming April Fools! 

This weeks story is called ‘ Fairy Biscuits’ hope you like it

Once upon a time there lived a fairy called Jel, Jel was nice, funny and sweet and she made the best fairy cookies in the world, well the second best!

Tick was the most beautiful fairy in the world and she beat Jel at everything leaving Jel always in second place  (So as you can see so far Tick was annoying the pants off Jel!) It was coming up to the yearly bake off which poor Jel always came second in, she just couldn’t beat Tick’s delicious macaroons, but this year she knew she was going to win it! Not long before the bake off she was practising her baking skills when she overheard two fairies who were talking outside 

‘Yum Tick’s cupcakes this year are definitely going to win, ‘

They’re so good!

That made Jel worried, she knew she had no hope of winning now! Depressed she walked to the bake off to announce she wanted to resign…………. Then some clueless fairy crashed into Jel and made her fall onto the beach angrily she screamed

LEARN TO FLY! silly old fairy!

Since she managed to push her onto her back her wings got wet! so she had to walk instead but then……… she saw these colourful little things on the beach, she took one big bite out of it AND SAID…………………………………..

These are actually delicious…YUM!  No way I won’t win with these???

So she picked some more micro plastic off the beach and brought them back to her house so that she could decorate them!

Later that night she brought them to the bake-off, the judges took one bite and declared her the winner and gave everyone some of her micro plastic biscuits and everyone ate them except Tick! Jel also didn’t eat them because she was so surprised she won!

But….. Then everyone started to get sick Jel knew immediately that it was the cookies worried and scared Jel ran over to Tick and told her that she found them on the beach! Tick new exactly that it was micro plastic she also knew how to cure them ! As fast as they could they went to the magical forest looked for a purple and yellow flower, luckily  Jel found it and then they flew back to the party on the way Tick was saying how annoying it is always being in second place with her then they stopped and Jel said, ‘hang on, I am always second with you!’ Then they both realised they were jealous of each other and that if they put competiton aside they could be best friends!! So they went back to the party and used the flower to save everyone and then recycled the micro plastic instead of just leaving it on the beach!

The End

Hope you liked this weeks story

This weeks video is about a fish stuck in plastic…you can’t even see the bag in the beginning!!


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