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Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you are having a good week so far, even if it’s raining and pouring here in Ireland. I have some exciting news!……………. That you will find out about after I write my short intro which will be in 3…2…1!

A couple of weeks ago my teacher and principle decided we should set up as a Green School and they asked me to help , so I said


I told them my ideas on what we could do and how it was organised in my previous school!

This week we got to do a vote in each class to decide who would be on the committee, and in my class they took it very seriously so much so they hung signs all over the class saying why you should vote for them. The funny thing was in my class there was a tie so we had to vote again, the next day there was a boy who won by one point so it was almost another tie!

Today my friend in Paris got her weekly magazine and in it there was a really cool fun sketch of me with a sea bin with plastic bottles in it which is really great and so kind of the journaliste who wrote it to do a sketch of me as well !!!!!!!!!!!! The funny thing is if I still lived in Brussels I would have got this magazine too but I also probably would not have got into beach cleaning because it was always a 2 hour drive to the beach which was so annoying, so when I did go to the beach in Belgium I would fill my pockets with shells untill I was no longer able to walk which  was  always  funny!


Today I went on a beach clean with my friend Anna and the lovely Grainne who helped pick up those tiny micro plasic sticks with me and my Mum. It was a short beach clean because of the weather but we had to do it because apparently yesterday there were loads and loads and loads and loads of the micro plastic sticks back in the water again which was terrible but the weird thing was that we did not find any of them, they must have washed back out to sea….again!


One of them has sun glasses on and the other one is just looking sad because he is made of rubbish!!!!


bottles and cans and tiny bits of glass and micro plastic,

An orange ,

My little pony dolls and a Joker key ring ,


a water bottle, a rubber, some pictures and a bit of a fisherman’s lobster pot  wrapped around sea weed


This weeks story is called’ The Travelling Orange!’

Once upon a time on the dry land Sara was hanging out with her friend Tory, Sara and Tory were in town because they wanted to go shopping.When they were finished Sara and Tory started to get really hungry they had no more money to by food because they spent it all on clothes, they checked ther pockets for food but sadly all they could find was an orange in Saras pocket with a note on it from her Mum!

Dear Sara,                                                                                                                                                Just in case you get hungry I packed you an orange.                                                                Hope you have fun shopping.                                                                                                      Love you                                                                                                                                                  Mum Xxxxxxx

Sara looked at the orange and said: 

I would rather die then eat a orange they are to healthy!

Then she threw that orange onto the pavement, it rolled into a pipe which led the pour rejected orange into the dirty sewers where it was pushed from side to side going up going down, pour orange!

Finally the orange arrived into the sea, but when one problem ends another begins… because all of a sudden loads of hungry fish tried to eat the orange but the waves made the orange move so he was safe until he was pushed into a broken plastic bottle. All the fish were arouned the bottle trying to get in the bottle to eat the orange but luckily the magical force of the waves made the plastic bottle fall on the seabed so that the fish could not get in and the plastic was so strong the fish couldn’t break into the bottle. The sad thing was the orange was trapped! 

500 years later the bottle finally disintergrated so the orange was able to get out! and when the orange got out there was loads of bits of plastic from the bottle that disintergrated. So the hungry fish got to eat the tiny pieces of plastic which they found alot more tasty than the healthy gone off orange! The orange finally rolled onto a beach in Sandycove where a young girl with her Mum found him and put him in the bin 

The End

This week’s video is really cool its of baby octopus being born and it is awsome!

Hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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