The Launch !

Hi eveyone Flossie here, hope you are all having a great week! Sorry but I was not able to go an a beach clean this week because the weather was terrible!! So this week’s blog is very exciting because it is mostly going to be about the launch of Flossie And The Beach Cleaners Charity! Anyway lets get on with how this amazing night went!

When I got up in the morning I went to the hairdressers while my Mum dropped AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the goodie bags off to the yacht club!


After that I came home and helped my Mum and Dad fill a bunch of black olive jars with seaweed that had tiny bits of plastic attached all through it, pretty much everything that we see all the time on a beach clean and is impossible to clean up, so my Mum decided it would be good for people to see what is on their doorstep of where they live and put a jar  on every table! then we set off to the yacht club to make sure that everything was organised including our new giant banner!


Now it was time to do cycling karaoke! Anna and I were first up and together we sang ‘Its Oh So Quiet ‘ by Bjork It was the first song we sang together to win the Sea Scouts talent show so we still sing it for good luck! It was a bit tricky to get four people to cycle but we got them in the end, and we were fabulous!!!!!

Then my Dad did it and Anna and I cycled! It was so tiring! Sadly Anna had to go home  and I was left to sing with someone else and pedal without her, but I got over it! and my Mum and her friend were great.


On Thursday my Mum took me out of school because I was going to have a interview on the BBC so I was very, very, very excited. It was a bit cold on the beach but anything for the BBC! The interview was great but it was a bit hard because just before they were going to interview a bunch of tourists came onto the beach but they were gone before the BBC called into do a live SKPYPE on the beach…phew!

This weeks story is called ‘The Jellyfish That Wasn’t’

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Julie, Julie had L.E.T.P [Loving Every Thing Problem] which meant if she had a candyfloss she would name it and would become its friend, one day Julie went to the shops to buy flowers they came wrapped in a plastic bag she took the flowers out of the plastic bag but as she did she fell insatly in love with the bag! So from that day forward she brought it everywhere and she named it Baggy! One day she brought Baggy down to the beach, But then a family asked Julie 

Could you take a picture of us please

Julie said yes but when they handed her the phone she let go of Baggie and since it was a windy day Baggie was flown out very far away! As Baggie flew away both the familly and Julie started to sceam NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO but the family were sad because Julie dropped their phone. Poor Baggie was thrown side to side until Baggie landed in the sea!!

Then a thing that looked just like Baggie said 

Are you ok, and how did you do that?

Baggie replied

I am fine thanks and do what?

This stange thing replied

Fly how did you fly?

Baggie responded 

I don’t know. What are you and who are you?

The thing replied

You poor thing you must have forgotton wat we are , we are Jellyfish and I am Sam the smartist jellyfish of them all [I know what 2+2 is it’s 7] Now who are you?!

Baggie replied

I am Baggie!

So Sam agreed to show Baggie around and introduced Baggie to loads of his jelyfish friend but what Baggie didn’t know was that everyone thought he was a jellyfish as well! Baggie felt really at home but he still really missed Julie and knew he wanted to go back to her.

Later that morning all the jellyfish set off to do a bit of  stinging, they were very confused  why Baggie wasn’t stinging anyone!  Baggie realised that he wasn’t the same as the jellyfish so the next day he got up and went up to the surface where he was blown all the way back to land and from there he made his way to Julies house but when he arrived he saw that Julie had a paper recyclable bag now!!! Pour Baggie was very sad until he realised… 

meh I never realy liked her I am just going to go back into the sea where I belong!

But on his way to the sea a man saw him and put him in the bin!


This weeks video is really cool, because you are going to see a fish with a see though head that lives 2000 metres below the sea!!!

The End


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