The Magical Wave

Hi everyone Flossie here, hope you all are doing ok this week, I know I am because it was my Mum’s birthday and she got a paddle board, my Granny came over ,we went on a beach clean, I did a social experiment with 2 bins that I brought down to the beach, I went to a Green Party meeting with loads of important people and I went to Joan Mulloy’s talk she was doing. Any way let’s get on with the blog.

On Tuesday it was my Mum’s Birthday so she was really excited, for her Birthday I had loads of plans for her for example: the night before her birthday I wrote on the decking in chalk in the garden outside, so when she would wake up it would spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A week before I made her a card which was a cupcake surfing with a shark behind it and on the back of the card there is a shark on the surf board saying YUM! On Sunday I baked my Mum a cherry sponge cake which was quiet hard to bake considering I had no idea that cherry’s had pips in them and I just put the cherry’s in so after words I had to take all the pipes out before putting it in the oven.


On this week’s beach clean we had our amazing helper Paul, it was a confusing day because it first rained then it stopped then it rained again then it stopped so we did a beach clean  and luckily it stopped! We found a good amount and not just that but also the things were really interesting like we found a children’s toy car [ My little cousin has one of them and I always try to get into them and I always get stuck],


A sign saying no children beyond this point but we sorted that problem out by clearing it away!


It was a good beach clean with lots of big thnigs to carry across the rocks.

Last week my Mum and I did a social experiment by putting our own bins that we brought from home and printed off some fun pictures and went down to the beach with our recyclable bins. The kids were all staring at the fun pictures and the experiment worked except for an old man who refused to use the bins even though everything he was carrying was re-cyclable!


On Monday after sailing I got to go to Trinity University to see Joan Mulloy who is sailing around the world in 2020 which is so awesome!!!!! and in October I am going on a sailing trip with her and other people too to raise awareness for her race and also to raise awarenees about all the plastic I pick up!


Once many years ago, in a time forgotten… there were ‘The People’ and there was ‘The Sea’. The People had a problem, the world was a lot older now and plastic was created. The People had no idea where to put their rubbish until one day a boy put his rubbish on the beach with his friends and to their surprise the next day the rubbish was gone so they did it again and again and each time the rubbish disappeared until they came to their senses and realized how the rubbish kept on disappearing……. it must be a magic wave! Which makes complete sense a wave takes the rubbish away and it disappears like magic but what they did not know was it was really going to the bottom of the ocean to King Plastik the king of the sea.

When he saw all the plastic and realised that the flowers were losing their colour again he was furious so he sent his guards to the shore where everyone on the beach was celebrating about the magic wave. The guards and King Plastik started a plastic war but instead of shooting guns at the crowd he threw plastic bottles from the ocean at the crowd until they apologised for what they did and considering King Plastik is an understanding guy he let them off with a warning but if they put plastic in the sea again King Plastic said he would feed them to the sharks!!! The End

This weeks video is really crazy because there is a storm in the Philippines and well just see what happens.

I hope you liked this weeks blog bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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